Acting in Central Florida

In a previous blog I discussed the importance of giving back.  So today I am dedicating this blog to anyone living in Central Florida who desires to learn the tools of the trade (acting).  Since as early as I can recall; I have wanted to act, sing and dance.  However, acting captured my heart when I was in Elementary school.  It was there that I transformed into a worm, while reading a poem during a school play.  And it was during these years, that I performed a song from En Vogue with my school friends, dancing and singing live.  Yes, I know I cannot belive I am admitting to this.  But anyways, long story short; this passion for acting grew.  Since I am a native of Winter Park, Florida; I have seen a lot and heard quite a bit regarding the acting industry.  There is always more to learn though.  If you are a local actor, please comment and provide additional feedback about the highs and lows of this industry.  Any tips, or tools will be helpful for all to learn.

This blog post is for YOU, the actor. So where to begin?  Lets start with the top schools for acting.  Right now I am hearing a buzz that Art Sake Studio is hot for film and technique in acting.  Yvonne Suhor is the artistic director and instructor at this studio.  The Maile School for acting has always been a leader in providing Image, Modeling and Acting for individuals of all ages.  It was formerly known as Lisa Maile School.   I was a graduate of  The Maile School taking classes in acting, workshops and image development.  Lisa Maile is an amazing role model to everyone, especially to women.  I personally know Lisa and adore her.  She is passionate about what she does and it shows.   My confidence grew at auditions, thanks to classes I took at The Maile School.  (

Okay, on to top casting directors.  Casting directors audition and help choose all the speaking roles in movies, television shows and plays.  They are often the liaisons between the agents, directors and actors.  The two casting directors you  will run into the most are John Peros and RJ.  Both casting directors have developed a strong reputation.  I have auditioned for both casting directors many times.  They also offer workshops for how to be your best at auditions.  Orlando often casts talent for commercials. RJ’s casting website is and John Peros website is  In addition, Kimberly and Mark Mullen from Mullen Casting are reputable leaders in the Central Florida market.

There are many highly respected agents in the area.  Top agents include but are not limited too; the Diamond Agency, Central Florida Talent, Azuree Talent Agency, Bi Coastal Talent Inc.  And if you are lucky, you might get into Brevard Talent and/or Hurt Garver talent.

As an actor, you will need a resume and headshot.  I have had numerous pictures done by the Wet Orange Studio with photographer Michael Cairns. (  You can find a list of additional photographers on the website  This informative site provides information on auditions, an agent list, workshops etc.

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