This thanksgiving is different from previous holidays.  After going through a few life changing events and getting necessary “wake up” calls; I have immense gratitude for life.   This day I am reflecting on how thankful I am for your support and for knowing you.  You know who you are.  It is the family member who says hello and checks in just because.  It is the friend who listens without judgement.  It is the co-worker who brightly smiles and waves hello.  It is the receptionist who takes the time to ask how I am feeling.   And I cannot forget how thankful I am for our baby girl Olivia Daisy.  It is her unconditional positive regard for life that amazes me.  Olivia’s innocence and enthusiasm are contagious.  She is our “guppy”, a nickname we gave her after the first ultrasound.  She appeared like a guppy with no formed legs or arms on the ultrasound.  Now we call her “cupcake” and “stinky”.  Oh how things change!  I am truly thankful for the ups and downs that life has brought.  Like an ocean wave, my confidence has ebbed and flowed.  However, this Thanksgiving I am more alive, more aware than ever before.  I am truly thankful for a fresh start, a new beginning, an awakening.

Many thanks to YOU.  Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Lisa Maile

In a previous post regarding acting for beginners in Central Florida; I wrote about one of my mentors, and friend Lisa Maile.  This is a follow-up to last post,  because there is so much more to share!  Lisa owned the Lisa Maile Studio for Acting and Modeling until 2004.  She sold the school in 2004 and now works as a success coach & trainer through Lisa Maile Seminars & Coaching.  You can find more info at  

Lisa will be presenting a free Interview workshop at the upcoming Career Expo & Job Fair at the Arena this Fri, Nov 16, at 11:25. So for anyone seeking employment, this is the lecture to attend, plus almost 4,000 jobs will be available!!

The website for info on this free workshop is:

If you’re interested in sharpening your personal marketing skills, Lisa is also hosting an all-day Power Interviewing Boot Camp Saturday, Jan 26 at Mall at Millenia; this is a fundraiser for the non-profit Dress for Success– tickets are $50 til Dec. 31, $75 in Jan, with entire ticket price to DFS.  For more info, contact

Lisa was very kind to provide me with information in regards to her business.  I also asked Lisa a question to support actors who are just beginning the audition process.  I asked Lisa “If you could say one thing to actors, just starting out in the piece of advice..what would it be?”  Lisa’s response is below.

“For actors starting out, it’s critical to be professional & be prepared at auditions!  Arrive early, know your lines & character, dress appropriately, be positive & upbeat, and present yourself like a veteran.  Time is money in any business… & particularly in “the industry”; you show respect for clients, agents & casting directors (and also illustrate you’re strong talent) if you’re consistently early, prepared, positive & deliver an impressive performance… because of your preparation beforehand.  PREPARATION POWERS PERFORMANCE!”

Interested in free interview assistance?  Visit Lisa’s site to view 5 Power Interview videos created with The Orlando Sentinel as a community service:


There is something euphoric about being in the presence of the Ocean.  The waves capture my spirit and the smell of salt brings back childhood memories.  The giggles of my 14 month old daughter bring great joy!  Her giggles resonates with the wind of the sea.  It is the most beautiful sound of joy and peace I have ever known.  Can you guess what I did this weekend?  Yes, that is right.  I spent quality, family time at the beach with our wide-eyed, curious baby girl.  It was her first experience stepping in the sand, experiencing the roaring sound of the wind hitting the crashing waves.  Our daughter studied the sand that quickly consumed her tiny toes.  At first she reached for her feet, wiping the sand from her toes and then began wiping her hands.  Then she noticed the ocean and began walking towards it.

Olivia had more interest in the ocean than the sand.  I began to wonder why she is a Virgo and not an Aquarius like her mother.  Aquarius is a lover of water.  I guess a part of her is really Aquarian.  Olivia lit up like Christmas, times a hundred, as she stepped into the brisk water.  The cool water was bordering on “cold” water.  It was a cool, windy day last Saturday.  As a mommy, I was concerned and did not want to keep her in the ocean for long.  I held Olivia’s hand and walked her through the waves.  Liv wanted to run through the waves, falling down and giggling each time a tiny wave would pass her.  I grabbed Olivia saying “Wasn’t that fun, its time for bye-bye”.  Each time I tried to grab Olivia she kicked and hollered for the ocean, again her tiny voice singing in the wind.  I allowed her to jump a few waves and then bundled her in a warm towel.

Her daddy and I tried to distract her with sand again.  It worked momentarily until she saw the ocean.  But because of the cool weather, we decided to form a mound of sand around her feet.  This intrigued Olivia and she began to use a small sand utensil to dig herself out.  We were relieved that she had some interest in the sand, a saving grace, to keep her from the water.  It was awe-inspiring to see our child with pure joy and innocence enjoying the beauty of the ocean and beach.  Truly, it is like relieving our youth. We spent so much time playing at the beach.  Also, it reminded me to be mindful by savoring the small, but most meaningful moments in life.

Thanks for reading.  I am wishing you  to have joy in your heart and love for the small moments, that bring endless satisfaction.

With Gratitude,


I changed it up !

My previous blog was about changing the course of a moment, a day, a week and so on.  Yesterday I chose to change the way my day was going.  You see it could have been the usual routine with my 14 month old baby girl.  I had just written my morning post called “Change it up” and began to wonder how I could change my day.  As the day progressed, household responsibilities consumed my thoughts.  And then I began cooking and attending to all baby needs.  I understand that there are things in our day, that must get done.  Yet there are also things we can let go of, at least for a while.  So around 2 pm I was feeling sluggish and bored of the same routine.  It dawned on me that I wrote a post about the very thing I was experiencing yesterday morning.

Yet, no matter how much I wanted to change my day, it wasn’t happening.  Why? I began to ask myself.  And I realized that cognitively I was stuck in the same thought pattern, but emotionally I was ready to move forward.   So what did I do?  I changed my thoughts to match my emotions and “Viola!!!”, I had a much better day.  So did my sweet baby girl!  Why?  Because Olivia (our daughter) and I went outside and had a picnic with snacks enjoying the beautiful weather.  She even got to play with her friend across the street.  Did I mention that I also had a great workout walking with her up and down our drive way.  We both had our needs met enjoying sunshine, play and snacktime.  A win- win!

I must share photos of our beautiful baby girl enjoying snack and her pink swing!  When you decide to change-up something in your day or week, feel free to share on feedback form below!  I’d like to know you changed your day.

Be Well,  Kimberly

Change it up!

Yesterday I decided to drive a different route on my way home from picking up our daughter from school.  Usually I go the same way to and from her school.  Many of us take the same road to work, school and home.  It is routine and we become accustomed to following this routine.  Have you ever been mindful by deciding to change-up a routine you have during the day/week?

I often switch my watch from wearing it on the left to sporting it on the right wrist.  In the past, I had worn my watch solely on the left wrist.  However while I was attending grad school, I went to a workshop that changed my view on life.  During this workshop, the speaker said that it is healthy for our minds, both hemispheres, to process information from each side.  So if you wear your watch on both sides of the body, it is supportive to a more balanced brain, so to speak.  This is of course in laymen’s terms, as the presenter had a more eloquent and scientific way of explaining.  Another example of changing it up is our food choices.  Some people will change their food consumption, which makes an impact on their day.  Perhaps today you will choose to juice vegetables at lunch rather than eat your usual sub. Or perhaps, you will plan to take a day off of work as a wellness day, a day just for YOU, to do whatever YOU want to do.  Changing it up, can be so powerful.

So why do people hesitate to make a change?  Fears, loss, insecurities, anxiety, safety, comfort, security are all words that come to my mind.  Sometimes a change is worth taking.  And how are we to know if we don’t take the chance?  Of course there are risks and changes which are unhealthy in the choosing.  But if you know in your gut that something is right, then go for it.  What is holding you back?  Is it money or your beliefs about money?  If so, look at those beliefs.  And see what you can do to change your views or to make better choices in your life.  We have more power than we know or can possibly understand.  Science is just beginning to explore the potential of our brains, which means we have power beyond which we can see or understand.

As the great Albert Einstein once said ” The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.  It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

I will leave you with these thoughts today.  I need a change from glaring at this computer right now.  So I am choosing to change what I am doing.  You can make choices on both a small and grand scale to do something different in your day or week.  What will you choose to do today?


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