I’m Back

It feels like forever since I wrote on my blog! Dear Blog, I missed you! It has been a whirlwind of packing boxes, changing baby diapers, unloading boxes and more diapers.  Oh did I forget to add a working mommy and daddy= sheer exhaustion. But we made it, yes, we have survived.  Many thanks to Mom, Dad, Jen, Graham, Ashley and Andy. A special thanks to family and friends who provided encouragement during a hectic time.

I am back! We moved from a cozy home in Maitland to an even cozier condo in the heart of Winter Park, Florida. Some people thought we were nuts moving a baby and two dogs from a home to a condo.  And when the trains blared at 2 am, the first night of our stay in the condo; I began to question if they were right. But after lots of support, encouragement and self talk; I realized that people do get use to the sound of airplanes, trains, and many other obnoxious noises in the middle of the night.  We can too! It may take a while to adjust but it will happen.

For those of you who are new to my blog; I am writing about a new start.  Several blog posts ago, I wrote that I “Dived In” to a new lifestyle, new career, etc… Sometimes the best opportunities come when we just surrender to the unknown. I have decided to base my decisions purely from the heart.  Ofcourse I did not go into this decision blindly.  We have a plan and I am giving myself a few months to ask questions, gather information and soul search.  This plan of course starts with the new year.  Ready, set…..


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