New Adventures

Dear Blogger friends,

It’s been too long in writing…yet again.  Life brings its curve balls and I recently was hit with a few.

But it’s what you do with those curves that matters.  So very excited to announce that I am working on a creative project that I feel women, especially mommies/ babies will truly relate to.  Not sure when it will be done, but instead of worrying about the final date; I’m enjoying the process.

If you get a chance check out  I wrote an article about Herbal Tea and Pregnancy and I’m excited to announce that it’s officially being published online next Wednesday, March 5th on this site.

I want to share a photo of my sassy Olivia Daisy.  She is the inspiration for my new creative project.

Sweet Dreams,


The Latest

After my last blog, I was filled with excitement to sing at Credo Coffee shop.  I had been rehearsing vocal and guitar for over a week in order to perform there for what would be my 2nd time.  The guitar was becoming my friend and I let go of my grudge against it.  You see the guitar and I have a “love/hate” relationship.  But recently I decided to give it another try on my terms.  So when my baby girl fell asleep and with my husband’s support; I practiced chords on guitar and strummed along to my original tunes.  I felt fairly confident that I was ready to showcase my original songs, even if my guitar skills were not perfect.  However, sometimes things happen for a reason.  The weekend prior to open mic, the guitar was not tuned.  I tried tuning it several times, using different tuning methods but was not successful.  I was losing hope and wondered if the guitar was broken.  But really I felt like the broken one because I was so disappointed.  What I really wanted was the last two days (weekend) to rehearse. And well with a baby, various creative endeavors and life; it just didn’t happen.  With that being said, I am glad it did not.  And thankfully, the guitar was fixed.  It turned out that only ONE STRING was out of tune.  But due to limited time and my desire to perform at my best; I chose to sing at next open mic.  I’m thinking about trying out Austin’s Coffee Shop next week.  Sometimes I am too hard on myself.  One missed open mic is nothing in grand scheme of life.  The important thing is that I am playing the guitar and not giving up on this creative growth.

Sometimes the unexpected actually turns out to be a great thing! So after my disappointment, I set my mind on the next creative goals.  And with a tuned guitar, I felt that opportunities were endless.  Then I got a phone call from my agent.  She wanted to submit me as print model for Scholastic Books catalog.  I was excited and of course said “Yes!”.  I booked the job and arrived at Scholastic Books on Thursday.  It was such a positive experience and the team of artists, directors and photographer were professional.  This is another experience that reaffirmed my love of entertainment field.  I enjoy print modeling as much as acting and singing.

It just goes to show you that sometimes change is a GREAT thing and that unexpectancies can be GREAT.  Here are some quotes that I stumbled upon when looking up “unexpectancies, change.”

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” -Anonymous

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” -Deepak Chopra

“Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” -C.S. Lewis

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” -Marilyn Monroe

“If what you’re doing is not your passion, you have nothing to lose.” Unknown

Be Well and have a fantastic weekend!


I Never Knew (poem)

*This poem is dedicated to Olivia Daisy.  She is my cheerful, creative, sweet, intuitive and strong-willed 18 month old baby girl.  I love you cupcake.

I never knew

Just how much

You would mean to me.

How your eyes

Would touch a deep place

In my soul.

A place that I didn’t know existed.

I never knew

That when I looked at you,

The world would stand still.

That time wouldn’t matter.

That nothing mattered but you.

I never knew that I could love someone

This much.

That I would do anything for you.


I never knew that you would steal my heart

With one look

One smile

One glance

One touch

Your first word

Your first walk

Your first kiss

Your first hug

Your first goodbye

Your first hello

I never knew,

Love could be this endless.

Thank you,

Now I know.

Day 57: Not your average Tuesday

It was not the average Tuesday. Why? Because I made the decision to change-up the routine this week.  I took Olivia to Science Center this morning after her doctor’s appointment. Doctor said she is one healthy girl, thank goodness!  We went to the Science Center afterwards to celebrate.  Liv enjoyed playing with musical instruments, running around in a mysterious tunnel, shouting “baby” to each baby that passed by and eating a cookie.  I tried to give Liv bites of our veggie sub but she wanted nothing to do with it.  The exception was eating tomatoes from the sub.  And of course, she always enjoys a yummy cookie.

The day was filled with fun for Liv.  I am trying to get over what appears to be an allergic reaction to cold weather.  Every time its cold, my allergies kick in alerting my throat to turn red.  However, by mid day, I was really hurting (my throat that is) and decided to just take it easy.  The Science Center tired us both out!  I’m grateful for another beautiful day even when I feel this way.  Thanks to tea, gargling, rest, and medicine; I am on the mend.

Not much more to say today.  Have a great tomorrow!


Day 52 Changing it up!

Enough Elmo already!!  Okay don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching my daughter’s face light up when she hears Elmo’s’ anthem at the start of Sesame Street.  However; lately she has been wanting more and more of Elmo on television.  I have been limiting the amount of time Olivia watches television in order to engage her other senses.  We tried to play with finger paint today.  But the minute Liv touched the paint, she began weeping.  She does not like getting dirty!  Mothers all around know that television can also be a saving grace.  It gives us much-needed time to cook a meal, prepare for school/work etc… However, I could not stand Elmo’s voice another minute today.  So what did I do?  I changed it up!!!  I walked our daughter to the library and showed her the children’s book section.  She got freaked out by the giant stuffed bears.  However, she loved watching other small children laughing and playing.  We danced like two crazy chickens to Shakira in the living room.  We laughed ourselves silly while rolling around on the floor and cheered every time a train passed by.  These are the moments I cherish!

And the day got progressively better after making the decision to change our routine.  I have been listening to the audiobook called ” Superbrain ”  by Deepak Chopra.  I mentioned this title in a previous post.  One of the concepts mentioned in this audiobook was the importance of mental activity daily.  We often exercise our bodies for physical health.  But we rarely focus on our mental health. One of the strategies suggested by the author is simple.  He said we should allow ourselves to diverge from the routine of every day.  We are not robots!!!  When we diverge from the routine, any routine for that matter; there are actual physical changes in the brain, which restores cells and promotes anti-aging; therefore increasing mental acuity.  This is why today I decided to change it up.  There are many days in which I “change it up.”  However, the difference is being mindful/purposeful/intentional in that change.

Overall it was a great day, no complaints.

Be Well and Goodnight,


Day 51

It looks like my blogger fans are reading my posts again.  Yay!!!  Thanks guys!  It appears that my blogs are more interesting when I write in the usual manner.  For awhile, I began posting “highlights of my day”.  The statistics of previous posts show a decline in views with direct correlation to the type of blog post.  It appears to be more appealing to my blogger fans, when I  just write, rather than analyzing and creating “highlights” for each post.  I want you to know, I hear you.  Perhaps there is more emotion, vulnerability and spontaneity in writing, without editing thoughts and coming up with highlights.  So from here on out, it will just be the usual.

Today was another “artist date.”  I had time to myself to browse through musical theater songs and to review ideas for an upcoming audition.  Yet, the more I looked for traditional musical theater songs, I became increasingly agitated.  I asked myself, “Why? Are you not enjoying this?”  You see, I just started listening to an audiobook called “The Element”.  This book on CD emphasizes how a person can find his/her passion and be in his/her element.  Check it out at  Anyways, long story, short; I had an epiphany.  I don’t have to be a pro at singing musical theater and I don’t have to be passionate about theater in order to act.  It seems that for a while now, well since college; I have tried to convince myself to love theater.  But the simple truth is this.  I would rather be on film.  There is something exciting and honest about being on stage and in the moment.  However, I am not feeling the bug for theater acting, at least not right now.

What else did I learn on my “artist date?”  Well, I realized that I am forever passionate about singing and writing.  And I enjoy commercial and film acting.  Not much more to say about this right now.

At the end of the day, around 7 pm; I was filled with immense gratitude.  I lead a support group for adults grieving loss of loved one(s).  The stories I hear are filled with emotion and the surviving family members are resilient.  After work, my husband surprised me with a picnic in the park.  I love surprises and feel it was very thoughtful of him to do so.  When we first met and dated, we made a tradition of eating Chinese at the beach.  Since we do not live near a beach, but we do live close to a park; he thought it would be nice to have “Chinese in the park.”  Chinese in the park plus two, became chinese in the park plus 3.  Just imagine food flying everywhere, chopsticks soaring in the air, chasing after a baby while eating and smelling one stinky diaper.  Chinese food plus three quickly became chaotic.  But at the end of the night; it was laughable.  I guess we will be having Chinese in the park only the two of us from now on.

Well, I am really sleepy and you are too. So go to BED!



I was trying to convince myself to like musical theater more than I do.  You see at one point, I was enrolled in a a musical theater program at Flagler College. Although I truly enjoy acting and being on stage; I didn’t feel passionate about musical theater.  I am trained as a pop style vocalist not from classical training.

Day 47: 100 posts!!!!

Day 46 marked 100 posts!! WOO HOO!

Highlights for today:

* Preparing for commercial audition which will occur on Monday.

* Being a mommy and all the joys that come with this role!

*  My husband and I decided to start co-writing.  Our first co writing session looked like this.

“Okay lets begin our co writing.” To which he replied, ” Okay. I am so tired.”

I then said, “Alright, do you want to just brainstorm ideas?”  He replied “Sure.”

We wrote down three ideas and began rubbing our eyes with sheer exhaustion.

I laughed and said, “Okay that’s a great first session! Time to go to sleep.”

We are definitely parents.



Day 46

“It’s not the broken dream that breaks us, it’s the ones we didn’t dare to dream” Glee

Recently I had a blogger send me “blogger hate”.  LOL, I am just kidding.  Blogger hate is really blogger love because it is helping me grow as a blogging artist.  An unidentified blogger emailed me to let me know she is disappointed with my recent posts.  She said “Hey, you used to write wonderful, but the last several posts have been kinda boring?  I miss your super writings. Past several posts are just a little out of track! “

But you know what?  I agree with her.  I promised myself I’d post daily for sixty days.  It is difficult to write meaningful compositions daily.  I always want to write from the heart.  Usually I write about latest highlights for the day.  But there are days when the highlights are few and life is just the usual.  On those days, I just don’t want to bore you.  Generally I will say to the reader, “okay well goodnight, that is all I have.”  I will continue to post for sixty days.  However, after that I will only be posting my latest artistic creations.  I have always believed that it is “quality not quantity” that matters in life.  I apply this principle to most everything I do.  After sixty days, if I don’t have much to say, I just won’t say it.  But I will post anything inspired by the arts and my latest artistic pursuits.

So sorry dear blogger, who was disappointed in my recent posts.  I can’t please everyone but your thoughts did not go unrecognized.  And what you said was similar to how I was feeling.

Yesterday (Day 46) I was inspired by my daughter and wrote this:

Title: Hi Mama

“Hi Mama! “

The best two words I heard this morning

“Hi Mama!”

You cheered with innocence

My sleepy eyes quickly brightened.

“Hi Mama!”

Can you say that every morning?

Those two words really make my day

“Hi Mama!”

This smile stretches from ear to ear.

And it’s not the words you say.

It’s you.

“Hi Mama!”

I am the happiest mother

Because of your love.

“Hi Mama!”

“Hi Baby!”  I love you.

Day 42 President’s Day

Happy President’s Day!  Today started off on the sluggish side. Why? Because I was recovering from a long weekend of fun and productivity.

Highlights for today:

* I continued the process of co-writing song with a new friend.  It is a song we are both enthusiastic about.  The song is looking better and better each time we co-write.  (We will reveal song when finalized)

* My family and I enjoyed an afternoon relaxing in Central Park and lunch at the Power House Cafe in downtown Winter Park.  I usually get the hummus and tabouli wrap but this time, I craved the falafel sandwich.  It may sound odd, but I need ketchup with it.  Power House Cafe has something for everyone.  The smoothies are to die for.  They are blended with natural, healthy ingredients without added sugar.  I tried the chocolate Almond Smoothie. Yummy!  Check out the menu at .   We even ran into previous neighbors.  Olivia was over joyed about seeing her first crush.  They hugged for what seemed to be five minutes, played ball and said “zoom zoom” to toy trucks.

* Right before bed, I do the usual routine.  I pick up my daughter’s toys off the living room floor, placing them in the appropriate place.  Usually I do this, halfway asleep, ready for bed.  But this night was different.  Yes I was still sleepy however, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with love, joy and gratitude for doing this simple act.  In that moment, I felt so proud to be a mom to Olivia Daisy.  I thought “This is the joy of being a mom.”  It’s not exciting to pick up toys.  But these toys are the ones my daughter loves and plays with.  She is learning and growing daily.  In that moment I felt so lucky and proud of her and this role as mom.

Be Well,

Kimberly Beaman

Day 39

It is the day after Valentines Day.  Here are the highlights from today.

*Usually, (on previous Valentines Days) I would be feeling guilty for the amount of chocolate I’d eat.  I always indulge on holidays.  But this “day after” is different. Why?  Because I am feeling better than ever, well better (meaning most days) then I did when I was a Vegetarian.  I am an “almost” vegan.  I still eat some egg products but no dairy.  My skin is clearer than ever, lost weight and have more energy as a result of this switch.

* Celebrated with our daughter Olivia Daisy her first Valentines Day party with friends at school.  She is only 17 months and very social, our little one.  While her classmates were sitting in their chairs eating; Olivia was devising a plan to seek food from a neighboring boys’ plate.  The boy became distracted by toys and she quickly jumped on over.  She also enjoyed sitting on mommy’s lap.

* More Co Writing tonight!!!! I had a great time with new friend writing lyrics. Thanks Georgia!

* And last highlight of the day: the elusive sleep.  No more typing, just sleeping. Goodnight!

Be Well,


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