Day 41

Today was a VERY cold day in Florida.  I am so confused by Florida weather.  One day rainy, one day freezing, another day hot and then back to freaking COLD.  You’d think I would be use to it, since I am a native to Florida, but I am not.  Oh well.  I could put a positive spin on this and say that the unpredictable weather always keeps us guessing.  As if the weather is an exciting surprise.  But the truth is, I am not amused.  Mostly, because my wardrobe goes in and out of boxes regularly, not knowing what to expect next.

Okay lets see, highlights for today.

* Music highlight: Worked more on latest song, in which I am co writing.  Very excited about this!! I will be meeting up with co writer tomorrow evening to continue our edits.  Can’t wait!

* I went to an audition for a Full Sail movie.  The only catch is NO ONE WAS THERE.  So there was no audition for me.  I am still puzzled by this. But I did leave the casting department a message.  I will try again.

*  Enjoyed a belated, but not forgotten, Valentines day dinner and movie with my husband.  We watched a movie called ” Silver Linings Playbook” directed by David O. Russell.   One of my favorite actors is Bradley Cooper (stars in this film) .  Our dinner at Thai Singh was fantastic.  “Late night noodles” has always been our favorite dish there.  Delicious!!! (Thanks for babysitting mom and dad!)

Very sleepy so goodnight…


Day 32-34

I have decided to write 60 posts (daily posts, well for the most part) about my personal journey on evolving as an artist (singer, actor, writer).  Just thought to catch you up, in case you haven’t read the first 31 posts. (=

Here are a few highlights from days 32-24

Day 32  Friday

* Enjoyed time with a friend who also shares a passion for songwriting and singing.  It was a wonderful dinner with yummy vegan food (Thanks Georgia!).  We will be continuing to meet up and co write songs together.  I cannot wait to collaborate! Stay tuned for songs!

* I recovered from a long Wednesday and Thursday in which I worked (leading groups for grief and loss), went on an audition to Tampa, and functioned as a full-time mommy to our sweet Olivia Daisy.

* I didn’t blog on Friday, felt some blogger guilt but quickly got over it.

Day 33 Saturday

* More resting but mostly just enjoyed the day with family.  (Movie watching, WP Farmer’s Market etc)

Day 34 Sunday

* Went to the Valentine Concert in Central Park (Winter Park, Florida) featuring Michael Andrew & Swingerhead.  Enjoyed this event with family and new friends.

That is all I care to share tonight.  I am yawning and ready to go to sleep.  I know it is only 9:30, you may say.  My response would be “Welcome to mommy hood!  I prefer to preserve my sanity.”   And by “Sanity”, I mean the following equation:

Rest= Sanity= Happiness= A good mommy, a good friend, a good partner, a happy person.



Lisa Maile

In a previous post regarding acting for beginners in Central Florida; I wrote about one of my mentors, and friend Lisa Maile.  This is a follow-up to last post,  because there is so much more to share!  Lisa owned the Lisa Maile Studio for Acting and Modeling until 2004.  She sold the school in 2004 and now works as a success coach & trainer through Lisa Maile Seminars & Coaching.  You can find more info at  

Lisa will be presenting a free Interview workshop at the upcoming Career Expo & Job Fair at the Arena this Fri, Nov 16, at 11:25. So for anyone seeking employment, this is the lecture to attend, plus almost 4,000 jobs will be available!!

The website for info on this free workshop is:

If you’re interested in sharpening your personal marketing skills, Lisa is also hosting an all-day Power Interviewing Boot Camp Saturday, Jan 26 at Mall at Millenia; this is a fundraiser for the non-profit Dress for Success– tickets are $50 til Dec. 31, $75 in Jan, with entire ticket price to DFS.  For more info, contact

Lisa was very kind to provide me with information in regards to her business.  I also asked Lisa a question to support actors who are just beginning the audition process.  I asked Lisa “If you could say one thing to actors, just starting out in the piece of advice..what would it be?”  Lisa’s response is below.

“For actors starting out, it’s critical to be professional & be prepared at auditions!  Arrive early, know your lines & character, dress appropriately, be positive & upbeat, and present yourself like a veteran.  Time is money in any business… & particularly in “the industry”; you show respect for clients, agents & casting directors (and also illustrate you’re strong talent) if you’re consistently early, prepared, positive & deliver an impressive performance… because of your preparation beforehand.  PREPARATION POWERS PERFORMANCE!”

Interested in free interview assistance?  Visit Lisa’s site to view 5 Power Interview videos created with The Orlando Sentinel as a community service:

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