What a week!

This week began with the usual.  And then there was Film Class at Art Sake Studio.  This CORE film class opens up the chakras and assists in bringing great truth to acting.  It unleashes vulnerability and allows for people to feel safe in sharing and exploring various emotions.  This week we continued with Meisner Film games and were fortunate to attend a workshop by  Christy Poggi      on empathy.  Since I am a LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor); I must admit that at first, I wasn’t sure what more I could learn about empathy.  Empathy training was a large part of my Master’s program.  However; empathy applied to Film Acting is a very different ball game.  As a counselor we empathize with clients; however, as a film actor we empathize with the character while being truthful to our own vulnerabilities.  As a counselor we are taught boundaries and to stay focused on client, often disregarding our own emotional impulse.  This occurs for good reason in therapy.  However; in film acting, boundaries are loose for good reason.  We are encouraged to take risks with ourselves and actors during scenework.  Speaking of risks, leads me to the word FEAR.

I am scared to death (a bit dramatic, yes) of ACTING.  I have always been afraid of it yet secretly wanted to play the leading lady on General Hospital.  Also, I would secretly want to be Sandra Bullock in all of the romantic comedies.  You see, we all have “inner critics” that scream at us right when we feel we can do something.  The inner critic often says ” it’s too hard”, ” you aren’t good enough”, “that’s impossible”, “You aren’t smart enough.” etc.   But these barriers are imaginary and created, without giving us as a chance to prove the inner critic wrong.  I’m thankful to mentors that have told me to not listen to this chatter.  Yet, I go into the unknown and I am at times scared ______.   You get the idea and can fill in the  blank.  I feel empowered speaking the truth and this will free me.  There is a quote about fear from “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron.

” It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”  Seneca

My updates for this week:  I was cast in an Infomercial for Hand Hygiene at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital.  Blue Sky Production crew based out of Nashville were wonderful folks to work with.  They were professional and had a sense of humor, which created ease on the set.  It was a long day but well worth it.  I actually cried “real tears” during one scene with a young boy (who played my child).  I credit my acting class at Art Sake for giving me tools to illicit tears on film.  It helped for me to do some breathing exercises, to breath into the emotion.  What I am learning is this; Although I fear acting, I’m growing more confident and I attribute this to taking risks.  And that’s a wrap!

Enjoy your weekend!

Live. Love. Create.


Nothing like…

…an email that reads ” Congrats! You have been booked.”  Yes, this happened to ME.  A few nights ago, I received an email with information regarding a shoot that I am directly booked for.  For those of you who don’t know  what “Direct Booking” means, let me help.   It means an audition is not necessary.  Actor needs to be prepared, follow directions and be professional.  I am seriously willing the law of attraction to show me more of these emails.  =)

Lately, I have been auditioning for Full Sail and getting my “feet wet” as a film actor.  Thanks in big part to Art’s Sake studio CORE Film Class.  This class pushes us actors to go on as many auditions as possible.  I have been truly digging it!  The amount of information I am learning is bountiful.  I am feeling a strong urge and following through with this urge to create and complete several creative undertakings.

Auditioning is not glamorous but it is fun.  I realize as an actor, what the word REJECTION means.  Rejection was tough in the beginning but now I’m a natural.  I look rejection in the eye thinking, “What the heck, when one door closes, another opens.  No biggie.”  And the cool thing is, I tend to book more jobs with less pressure on myself.  And rejection actually makes me want to push even harder.

I was thinking the other day of the myths of acting and came across a few.  Check out this website below.  It has myths listed as well as information about castings if you are an actor.


Live.  Love.  Create.


A Week’s Journey

This week was a journey.  It was a journey filled with many emotions.  Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?  So what is the latest on my artistic pursuit of creative rebellion?  Well, lets see I started film class last week at Art Sake Studio.  Check it out at http://www.art-sake.com/art-sake.com/Home.html.  The class rocks and I already feel like I am learning more than I could imagine from one class.  The class is inspired by one of my favorite author’s Julia Cameron (author of book ” The Artist Way”).  This class encourages its patrons to attend as many auditions as possible in order to unleash the inner artist and to encourage personal growth.  So this Saturday, I went to Full Sail University’s open casting call for local films.  I was expecting to audition for two movies.  However; when I arrived there was a long table set up with about six creative projects including video game auditions.  There was a moment of panic followed by sheer excitement.  I went down the aisle and signed up for each casting available.  There I sat with five clipboards filled with information about each casting, followed by sides.  “Sides”  refers to the specific set of lines from the script of an acting project that your child (or you) must learn prior to an audition.  It took some time to organize all the paperwork, sign the releases and remember which “Sides” belonged to the appropriate paperwork.  I thought,  “If I can figure out how to organize this mess, it’s half the battle.”

I highly recommend auditioning at Full Sail.  The staff was very friendly and the casting directors were also friendly, approachable, and eager to get the best shot.  The directors were professional and provided feedback.  Check out Full Sail’s site at http://www.myspace.com/fullsailcasting.  I was there from 3 pm until 6:30 pm auditioning for five projects.  It was a long wait but worth it.  Why? Because I left with increased confidence.  I felt great about the performances I gave and the courage it took to show up.  So I encourage you to do the same.  Find the courage within to do something you’ve always wanted to do and do it, without question.

Film business has taken the driver’s seat this week.  So last night I changed it up by meeting with a friend and co-writer to solidify our song and to make arrangements to record in the upcoming week.  Cannot wait to share with you!  Mostly, I am feeling very grateful for the support of my husband and family which allows me to go on these auditions.  Our daughter Olivia Daisy always inspires and her smile pushes me onward.

It’s been a week’s journey.  It feels like this is really happening.  That I am becoming the artist I always wanted to be.

Live. Love. Create.



Yesterday I asked myself “How will I dive in?” In my recent blog post, I announced the start of a journey which will require 100 percent commitment to my singing, acting and writing.  I asked myself, “How will I do it?”  Then I began to hear the response “You just will.”  I began processing this question like a counselor would do.  There is no clear-cut solution and I cannot control the outcome.  As I have said to my clients in the past “Trust the process.”  But it is so HARD to do.  And then the little voice whispers “it doesn’t have to be hard, it’s as difficult as you allow it to be.”  Yet I believe I can make choices and use free will to increase my odds of going down the “right” path.  As I continued to ponder this question, I asked my husband who was sitting in the passenger seat of our car.  I said ” How will I swim once I dive in?”  His response intrigued me.  He said, “Just plug your nose when you dive in!”  I began giggling and contemplating his words.  Then he followed his first statement with “Stay in the shallow end.”   My gut reaction was to giggle and my thoughts were ” I want to jump into the deep end of the pool.”  Hmmmm…this is a metaphor and I believe its true meaning will reveal itself.  Until then, good night and talk to you later!

Oh yeah, I had an audition this morning for a Marriott Commercial.  It was pretty cool as I got to dress in workout attire and pretended to get ready for the gym during the audition.  Not so shabby!  You never know with these types of auditions are looking for, as there is so much typecast.  I was suppose to pass for a Caucasian/Hispanic female.  Grateful for the audition. The director said at the end “Thanks for being prepared!” I appreciated the feedback.  If its meant to be it will be.  I’ve learned not to be attached to the outcome.


Acting in Central Florida

In a previous blog I discussed the importance of giving back.  So today I am dedicating this blog to anyone living in Central Florida who desires to learn the tools of the trade (acting).  Since as early as I can recall; I have wanted to act, sing and dance.  However, acting captured my heart when I was in Elementary school.  It was there that I transformed into a worm, while reading a poem during a school play.  And it was during these years, that I performed a song from En Vogue with my school friends, dancing and singing live.  Yes, I know I cannot belive I am admitting to this.  But anyways, long story short; this passion for acting grew.  Since I am a native of Winter Park, Florida; I have seen a lot and heard quite a bit regarding the acting industry.  There is always more to learn though.  If you are a local actor, please comment and provide additional feedback about the highs and lows of this industry.  Any tips, or tools will be helpful for all to learn.

This blog post is for YOU, the actor. So where to begin?  Lets start with the top schools for acting.  Right now I am hearing a buzz that Art Sake Studio is hot for film and technique in acting.  Yvonne Suhor is the artistic director and instructor at this studio.  The Maile School for acting has always been a leader in providing Image, Modeling and Acting for individuals of all ages.  It was formerly known as Lisa Maile School.   I was a graduate of  The Maile School taking classes in acting, workshops and image development.  Lisa Maile is an amazing role model to everyone, especially to women.  I personally know Lisa and adore her.  She is passionate about what she does and it shows.   My confidence grew at auditions, thanks to classes I took at The Maile School.  (http://www.lisamaile.com)

Okay, on to top casting directors.  Casting directors audition and help choose all the speaking roles in movies, television shows and plays.  They are often the liaisons between the agents, directors and actors.  The two casting directors you  will run into the most are John Peros and RJ.  Both casting directors have developed a strong reputation.  I have auditioned for both casting directors many times.  They also offer workshops for how to be your best at auditions.  Orlando often casts talent for commercials. RJ’s casting website is http://www.rjscasting.com and John Peros website is http://www.johnperoscasting.com.  In addition, Kimberly and Mark Mullen from Mullen Casting are reputable leaders in the Central Florida market.

There are many highly respected agents in the area.  Top agents include but are not limited too; the Diamond Agency, Central Florida Talent, Azuree Talent Agency, Bi Coastal Talent Inc.  And if you are lucky, you might get into Brevard Talent and/or Hurt Garver talent.

As an actor, you will need a resume and headshot.  I have had numerous pictures done by the Wet Orange Studio with photographer Michael Cairns. (http://www.wetorangestudio.com)  You can find a list of additional photographers on the website http://www.actorsinfobooth.com.  This informative site provides information on auditions, an agent list, workshops etc.

“The Voice” Update

And so it doesn’t look like “The Voice”competition is happening this year.  Its all good! I plan to re apply each year! Also I am wondering if they accepted my submission since it was postmarked by deadline, but not recieved on the deadline.  While filming the audition tape, which took an entire week with a 7 month old baby in tow; It dawned on me that this may not be the best timing for a venture such as this.  My mom also brought that to my attention.  However, being the strong willed woman I am; I persisted.  In retrospect, I realized mom was right and I didn’t trust my instincts.   Yet, I know the real reason I did it.  I wanted to prove to myself that I can be a successful young mommy.  It was reassurance that I still “have it”.  I can go after my dreams despite mommy challenges and any adversities.  So in the end, I am proud of myself for trying although I know it wasn’t the best time to do so.  But there is another part of me that says…Carpe Diem! Is there really a right time or best time to take a risk?  I guess there is calculated risk.  So that is what I plan to do.  I will continue to audition as an actor and singer but will do so with calculated risk.  I will do so until that opportunity comes for me to throw that theory out the door.  And when that comes, it will be a huge leap of faith and determination!

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