Hope, Resiliency and a brief update

Update:  This week I went to an audition for Disney.  It was an audition for print job (internet usage).

Very exciting opportunity!  The audition was literally ten seconds long.  Well, it was “Ten Mississippi’s” if you counted slowly.  This may be surprising to some of you newbie auditioner’s.  But every audition is different.  I walked in and there was a short line that had a high turnover rate.  I asked the gentleman in front of me if I could borrow his phone.  Why? Because we were informed to use our phone in one of the pictures taken of us.  And well, I left my cell in the car.  Thankfully, this kind actor gave me his Iphone.

It was my turn.  I walked up.  Flashed a smile and a hello.  I was asked to smile at camera (picture taken).  Then I was asked to look at camera and lastly, to laugh at camera.  I’m not complaining because it was an easy process.

So I thought I’d start out with an update.  And now I’d like to share my thoughts about “Hope and Resilience” by writing a short poem.


Re-Silence me.

Take me to a land

Of Hope and dreams.

For here I will stay.

Hope is the leader

And resilience the follower.

Without hope,

There is no resilience.

Hope for a better today

And if the better doesn’t come

Remember resilience

You can choose your day

You can choose your way

You can have HOPE again.

Day 47: 100 posts!!!!

Day 46 marked 100 posts!! WOO HOO!

Highlights for today:

* Preparing for commercial audition which will occur on Monday.

* Being a mommy and all the joys that come with this role!

*  My husband and I decided to start co-writing.  Our first co writing session looked like this.

“Okay lets begin our co writing.” To which he replied, ” Okay. I am so tired.”

I then said, “Alright, do you want to just brainstorm ideas?”  He replied “Sure.”

We wrote down three ideas and began rubbing our eyes with sheer exhaustion.

I laughed and said, “Okay that’s a great first session! Time to go to sleep.”

We are definitely parents.



Day 29

Day 29, I woke up and told myself you’d be good to me, and you were. So thanks for that.

Highlights for today:

* I actually focused on cooking several meals and prepping snacks for the entire week.  It was the first time in a long time, that I could sustain great focus in the kitchen.  I cooked up a storm and it looked like one too.  You see I don’t really enjoy cooking.  I just try to convince myself that I do.  Sometimes it works.

( lasagna, peeled fruit, cut up sandwiches, and stir fried veggies).

* Another beautiful Winter Park day today! I enjoyed quality time with my niece and nephew.  Olivia loves playing with her cousins. They got to play (duck, duck, goose), a childhood favorite for me.  I think I had the most fun!

* Many thanks to Mom for putting together Olivia’s kitchen set. I think we have a chef on our hands (Mom, you are already one.  I was talking about Olivia.)

* I intended to write more today (lyrics and book writing) but there were unexpected, important phone calls and baby demands.  So I am writing my blog, which was one daily goal.  Right now preparing for Thursday’s commercial audition is much more important (After my baby of course. But she is asleep right now..shhhhhh)

And with that being said, goodnight and sweet dreaming


Days 6-9 Blogger Guilt

Last night I felt blogger guilt.  I was out on a date with my husband and suddenly remembered my blog.  You see, I promised myself I’d write a blog each day.  On Monday night, I planned to write about Sunday and Monday, however; I was unable to access the internet.  And then it was Tuesday evening.

I tend to set very high expectations of myself.  My hope was to write a blog each day, but it was a fast-paced, fun and mommy-tired sort of weekend.  And then one needs to recover from such a whimsical weekend.  So there was Monday.  I spent a good part of Monday cleaning house.  No longer will I continue to set such a high expectation. I think it is more realistic to say I will blog most weekday nights and blog once about each weekend.  So below is a synopsis of the last four days (including today).

The weekend was useful in that I sorted through boxes and continued to organize our new home.  As for family time, we went to Winter Park Farmer’s Market Saturday morning.  For the novice marketeers, it can be intimidating.  There is a large crowd and it is packed.  And it was momentarily scary when one vendor’s food truck began to tilt on its side.  It just so happened that this food truck was a barbeque pit with smoke filling the air.  Everyone froze as the truck tilted further in one direction.  There was a loud gasp of shock and fear.  But within seconds, the food truck was back up and running.

What I love the most, food wise, is a delicious crepe.  They even have gluten-free crepes now.  Yes, I ordered gluten-free with fruit and peanut butter.  Although I am going dairy-free; I figured a minimal amount of skim milk will do no harm.  For health reasons, I have decided to go dairy free.  Apparently there are great benefits to sticking to an all plant protein based “livit”. I prefer to not use the term “diet” rather, to use “livit” as this is a positive change.  The WP market is worth the trip!

Sunday evening, I went to see Mary Poppins musical at Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre.  One word “Dynamic!”  The set was extraordinary.  I guess that is two descriptive words.  The artists were top notch and the choreography impeccable.  It was an inspiring musical to anyone, of any age.  There were many metaphors to a life well lived.  One of my favorite quotes is from Jane & Michael, ” Stretch your mind beyond fantastic, dreams are made of strong elastic.”  I felt inspired to continue this path of creative risk, adventure, and positive growth.  Thanks to my sisters for gifting me this occasion!!  Check out upcoming shows at the following website: http://www.ticketmaster.com/Bob-Carr-Performing-Arts-Centre-tickets-Orlando/venue/278567

And the exciting recent news is we have finally installed our brand new oven, into our brand new condo.  The more organized I become, the more ready I feel to confidently stride forward as an actor, singer and writer.  It is a cleansing of mind, body and spirit.

Wishing you a fulfilling week ahead!


Yesterday I asked myself “How will I dive in?” In my recent blog post, I announced the start of a journey which will require 100 percent commitment to my singing, acting and writing.  I asked myself, “How will I do it?”  Then I began to hear the response “You just will.”  I began processing this question like a counselor would do.  There is no clear-cut solution and I cannot control the outcome.  As I have said to my clients in the past “Trust the process.”  But it is so HARD to do.  And then the little voice whispers “it doesn’t have to be hard, it’s as difficult as you allow it to be.”  Yet I believe I can make choices and use free will to increase my odds of going down the “right” path.  As I continued to ponder this question, I asked my husband who was sitting in the passenger seat of our car.  I said ” How will I swim once I dive in?”  His response intrigued me.  He said, “Just plug your nose when you dive in!”  I began giggling and contemplating his words.  Then he followed his first statement with “Stay in the shallow end.”   My gut reaction was to giggle and my thoughts were ” I want to jump into the deep end of the pool.”  Hmmmm…this is a metaphor and I believe its true meaning will reveal itself.  Until then, good night and talk to you later!

Oh yeah, I had an audition this morning for a Marriott Commercial.  It was pretty cool as I got to dress in workout attire and pretended to get ready for the gym during the audition.  Not so shabby!  You never know with these types of auditions are looking for, as there is so much typecast.  I was suppose to pass for a Caucasian/Hispanic female.  Grateful for the audition. The director said at the end “Thanks for being prepared!” I appreciated the feedback.  If its meant to be it will be.  I’ve learned not to be attached to the outcome.


Mystery of Central Florida Take 1

Today I began my search to discover the mysteries of Central Florida, particularly Winter Park.  And of course, being that I am a singer, lyricist, actor; I’m mostly interested in these areas.

Did you know that taking a walk down Park Avenue in Winter Park is like transporting to “Little Europe.” If you had a superpower like “transportation” why not pretend you are in Europe and enjoy the pleasures of strolling down Park Avenue.  I enjoyed reading from blogger on “Sanford365″ website who talked about Park Avenue as “Little Europe.”

There is a Swetman building off Park Avenue with the sign “Little Europe” on it.  Winter Park’s “Park Avenue” has a European flair.  You can visit the Winter Park Historical Association which offers a Park Avenue/Winter Park Walking Tour.  And after your tour, you can stop for lunch at a quaint bakery for croissants and tea or enjoy the trendy boutiques.

Central Florida is known for theme parks, water parks, shopping malls and dining.  But there is so much more on the music front and Winter Park is the hidden gem.  You can visit the following website to find more information on Central Florida.  http://www.visitflorida.com/Orlando/music.

Also you can visit “ZVents Discover Things To Do”, which looks like a great website for the latest events in Central Florida and surrounding cities.  Mark your calendar for the Firefall Acoustic in Concert Sunday, Feb 17, 2013 3:00pm.  This event will take place at Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  Firefall trio consists of band members, Steven Weinmeister – vocal & guitar, Jock Bartley – vocal & guitar and Bill Hopkins – vocal & bass perform their classic hits in an acoustic performance on Sunday, Feb. 17th at 3pm at the Uptown Art Expo. 

The Bach Festival Society of Winter Park has the distinction of being the third-oldest continuously operating Bach Festival in the United States.  It is also Central Florida’s oldest operating performing arts organization.  The Bach Festival Society was founded in 1935 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach’s birth.  The famous composers’ orchestral and choral music is open to the public for its “enlightenment, education, pleasure, and enjoyment.”  Visit  http://www.bachfestivalflorida.org/  for more information.

Stay tuned because there is more to come on the mysteries of Central Florida.

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