Day 2

Today was not a productive day.  However, it did bring clarity.  I went to a Winter Park Consignment store to sell a heavy box full of used clothing.  As I left our condo, I wondered how the day would pan out with a sleepy baby in tow.  Yet, I remained positive and decided to take the risk of not knowing if my clothes would actually be sold.  At the consignment shop, I was informed by sales lady that all clothing must come “clean, pressed and on hangers.”  I thanked her kindly and walked out with a sleeping baby on my shoulder.  Thankfully, I had left the box of clothing in the car, in the event that clothes were not accepted.  

So I gently placed Olivia into car seat and went to Colonial Drive to check out “Plato’s Closet.” This is another store which collects used clothing. I have sold clothes with this company before but it is truly “hit or miss”.  Well, lets just say a forty-five minutes later, it was a miss.  The store owner looked at me with empathy in her eyes saying ” I am sorry, we are passing on your bag of clothes. We have too much in our inventory. Try us back in March.”  She seemed to feel sorry for me since I had been waiting so long with baby in tow.  I kindly thanked her and walked away.  I learned during this experience to enjoy the moment even when disappointed.  I was losing my patience knowing I’d wait for thirty plus minutes with a baby running around; however, I changed my thought process.  I thought, “Lets make this fun!” So I took Olivia around the store and asked her to choose her favorite outfit.  Liv eagerly ran from shoes, to purses and then to her favorite clothes.  It seems that purple is her favorite color.  It didn’t matter that clothes weren’t sold.  Time with Olivia is always priceless.

I still had hope for the last option.  The last store, DECHOS off Colonial Drive was the final stop.  This resale store is for vintage and name brand clothing.  Immediately upon walking in, I was greeted.  Nice start, I thought.  I explained to the saleswoman that I have a box in the car, to which she interjected “an appointment is required.”  She handed me a flyer and said “Here, read this over.”  I smiled and walked out with my sweet baby girl asleep again on my shoulder.

I drove home and called to set up appointment with Dechos Resale store.  It was a long afternoon to say the least.  I got the answers I needed but clothes were not sold.  At the end of the day these are the small things in life, that just don’t matter.  I continue to learn to laugh at the small things, to enjoy life’s unexpectancies.  

This week is all about decluttering, organization in our new home.  And I learned that vintage clothes and consignment shopping provide an exciting experience to combine fashion with one’s personality, while being eco friendly. 

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