To: Dream From: Me

To: Dream
From: Me

To dream or not to dream
There is a question.
For a dream must live or
There will be life
With solemn expressions.

Empty faces
Empty places.
Clocks that go
Tick then tock.
But no one stops
to dream a lot.
So dare I dream or not?

There is no question
For only a fool am I
To not dream a dream
And risk most everything.
To dream or not to dream
That is not my question.
To dream, to dream, to dream…
Always a dreamer, now a doer too
To dream, to dream, to dream

I must stop
When the clock is not
And people watch.
They stare.
And many care,
Yet others will never stop.
But I must pause
And dream a lot, as dreamers do.
Believing, believing…
I believe in you.

Change it up!

Yesterday I decided to drive a different route on my way home from picking up our daughter from school.  Usually I go the same way to and from her school.  Many of us take the same road to work, school and home.  It is routine and we become accustomed to following this routine.  Have you ever been mindful by deciding to change-up a routine you have during the day/week?

I often switch my watch from wearing it on the left to sporting it on the right wrist.  In the past, I had worn my watch solely on the left wrist.  However while I was attending grad school, I went to a workshop that changed my view on life.  During this workshop, the speaker said that it is healthy for our minds, both hemispheres, to process information from each side.  So if you wear your watch on both sides of the body, it is supportive to a more balanced brain, so to speak.  This is of course in laymen’s terms, as the presenter had a more eloquent and scientific way of explaining.  Another example of changing it up is our food choices.  Some people will change their food consumption, which makes an impact on their day.  Perhaps today you will choose to juice vegetables at lunch rather than eat your usual sub. Or perhaps, you will plan to take a day off of work as a wellness day, a day just for YOU, to do whatever YOU want to do.  Changing it up, can be so powerful.

So why do people hesitate to make a change?  Fears, loss, insecurities, anxiety, safety, comfort, security are all words that come to my mind.  Sometimes a change is worth taking.  And how are we to know if we don’t take the chance?  Of course there are risks and changes which are unhealthy in the choosing.  But if you know in your gut that something is right, then go for it.  What is holding you back?  Is it money or your beliefs about money?  If so, look at those beliefs.  And see what you can do to change your views or to make better choices in your life.  We have more power than we know or can possibly understand.  Science is just beginning to explore the potential of our brains, which means we have power beyond which we can see or understand.

As the great Albert Einstein once said ” The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.  It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

I will leave you with these thoughts today.  I need a change from glaring at this computer right now.  So I am choosing to change what I am doing.  You can make choices on both a small and grand scale to do something different in your day or week.  What will you choose to do today?

Give, Give, Give

Sometimes all it takes is a stranger saying a compliment or taking the time to care.  My thought for today is go out tomorrow and do something for someone else.  It can be as simple as a thank you card in the mail, just because.  Or as grand as taking over someone’s responsibilities for a day.  Whatever your choice, be sure to do so with love.  Today was one of those really busy days as I am balancing two jobs being a mommy to a 13 month old and working as a counselor.  Of course throw in all the other responsibilities and titles and it can feel like I have ten jobs.  I love it all even when I am so exhausted that I struggle to recall what day/time of the week it is.  Yikes!  And each day is different and filled with surprise.  At least my days are not boring!

So as I was saying…the day began in a frenzied mode prepping baby food, juggling work load and attending appointments.  In the back of our SUV, I had a laundry basket full of books to donate.  Originally my thought was to sell them.  However, I wanted to do a good deed today.  So between my afternoon appointment and scheduled work commitment; I went over to our local book store and donated about 15 books.  As I was getting out of the car, I asked a passerby if she wanted first dibs.  Ironically she was looking for travel theme books.  So she gladly took the two travel theme books from my basket.  It felt good to see this stranger smile.  I could go on and on but I won’t.

Long story, short, the librarian was also happy.  While at this store, I ran into an elderly woman named “Wanita”.  I chose to walk up to her and re introduce myself.  You see, I ran into her months ago at Michael’s Craft Store with my daughter in tow.  Wanita is a very kind, genuine lady who divulged her life story involving Norfolk, Virgina to me, upon our initial meeting at Michael’s.  Wanita appeared to not recognize me or our prior conversation.  But Wanita jumped right in updating me on her two grown children.  I told her that I valued the love story she had shared with me once before.  This story was about how she and her husband met.  Wanita smiled and began sharing the story again. I felt that she enjoyed talking and wanted to continue, so I invited her to the lobby.  Plus the library is for being quiet and she was anything but quiet.  We spent some time together and later, as I was checking out books; I helped her find a book on knitting.

That was the best trip I have ever had to the library!  Please do something for someone else tomorrow, and the next day and the day after.  Make a difference in someone else’s day.  It is positive energy to spread around!  Also, you leave feeling like you gained more than the person you gave to.  This sweet lady gave me so much joy!

In Gratitude,




The Secret the Power

I am reading a book called “The Secret the Power” by Rhonda Byrne.  This is not just a book, it is so much more.  It may feel like a book, look like a book, read like a book; but its impact is far greater than a tangible, physical thing.  There is a quote by Albert Einstein ” The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”  Basically time is an illusion according to Einstein.  We often race through our day to-day, feeling a need to fight against a limited amount of time.  You may hear yourself say ” I have to hurry and do the dishes” or ” I’m getting older, so better rush and follow my life’s purpose.”  But the truth is if you see the world as illusion, then we escape suffering.  And creativity has no limit, no time, no end.  One of the coolest things I read was about the sky.  We look up and around us to view a blue haze and blue sky.  Yet, the color you see is in fact not its real color.  The “blue” sky is actually all colors, reflected back at us.  If that doesn’t make you think, what will?  It sure makes me think.

Abraham Lincoln wrote ” To believe the things we can see and touch is no belief at all; but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”  I have faith in my dream that one day it will come into full bloom.  I believe in imagination, creativity and passion.  Have you ever just stopped and watched a child play?  There is nothing like it.  When our daughter Olivia dances in front of the mirror or gives that “all-knowing” glance; I feel immense joy.  She truly is a genuine soul, unscathed by society or negative influence.  She is a reflection of love and radiates with love.  This is what “The Secret the Power” is all about.

Yesterday I was driving along, not looking for signs. However, the night before I called upon my angels and requested for them to show me signs, that I am following the correct path.  As I was driving to Whole Foods, a taxi cab darted out in front of me and showed “422-2222″.  As many of you have read my previous blogs, I have a fascination with numerology and the appearance of numbers in sequence.  I often see the number 4 and 2 repeated.  I saw this same cab a week ago.  This experience validated that I am on the right path.

Yesterday I also came up with an idea.  Ideas come to me like lightning bolts and at lightening speed. I use to brush them off and actually criticize myself for having so many random thoughts.  But now I see it as a gift and I write down all of my concepts.  Oftentimes, I tell myself that who knows, one day, an idea will stick.  Yesterday was that day.  I couldn’t stop thinking about a new vision.  And the universe was showing me signs pushing me to further expand upon this vision.  It all has to do with a special bird known as “Bluebird”.

As a child, my fascination with bluebirds grew in Elementary School.  Oftentimes, I would watch the bluebirds flying around the picnic tables.  One day, one weekend a bluebird nearly hit me in the face, as it sweeped past me with fury.  I was riding my bike as usual in neighborhood, only this time the bluebird almost stopped me in my tracks.  Fast forward to Nashville, TN. and many years later.

Have you ever heard about the famous Bluebird Cafe?  I was drawn to it, not only because of its history with famous singer/songwriters; but because of my fascination with bluebirds.  My husband and I enjoyed an evening at the Bluebird Cafe.  It was quite magical listening to professional singers and eating lasagna (my favorite).   Now, I wear a crystal bluebird around my neck in honor of our unspoken connection.  Yesterday, this vision began to bloom thanks to bluebirds and a strong desire to further my passion for music.  Apparently a bluebird is symbolic for happiness and good fortune according to the internet.  This new vision will remain a mystery to the reader until further transformation.  Thanks for reading and listening.

“Fly Free”!!!  (as my friend M’Liss says to me)


Manipulator (New Lyrics)

I began writing this song in 2009 and am now finalizing the lyrics.  I’m the type of songwriter that tends to write the sappy love songs and the moody ballads.  It comes naturally! But I promised myself one of these days I will write an uptempo song.  For now, I want to share with the world a new song called “Manipulator” which will be a mildly uptempo yet moody song.  The artist Evanescence was in mind, in writing this song.  The melody and arrangement are not complete but the lyrics are just about there.  It feels good to release this song to the web.  I will let the lyrics speak for themselves.  So thankful that I can now look back at a very painful time with understanding and love.  Sometimes the sweetest revenge is none at all.  Just releasing feelings with lyric writing is what it takes.  Can you tell I am also a counselor?

Manipulator (2009)


I was the scapegoat in your projection of lies

You thought I’d look like the jerk

So you were bigger in their eyes

You finally felt the love that I once knew

Because you took my heart and ripped it in two

What you thought you had was temporary,

But I was always there for you…

That’s why I can say


You are a selfish manipulator

How did I turn my hate from anger to happiness?

I know I don’t deserve the mess you left

And you no longer have power over me

Because I’ve released your grip

It was only strong as I let it be


You were the victim, of your deceitful games

It became clearer to me

You had a pattern of blame and shame

After all the time we shared, you don’t have a clue

But I’ll never look back and wish to be friends with you

Like your fake smile when you passed the hallway

But I never really knew the real you

But this is true


You are a selfish manipulator

How did I turn my hate from anger to happiness?

I know I didn’t deserve the mess you left

And you no longer have power over me

Because I’ve released your grip

It was only strong if I let it be


There were empty apologies

When I spoke the truth, there was disbelief

Afraid to love, you ran away and couldn’t see

That I was really there to stay


Mystery of Central Florida

I was born and raised in Winter Park, Florida.  It’s funny that most people I run into around Central Florida are not from here.  They look at me bewildered that I am a native.  No matter how many times I have moved away, somehow I end up back at the heart of central Florida, the lovely Winter Park.


Winter Park holds many memories from my younger years to highschool and now to adulthood.  I ate frozen yogurt and cookie sandwiches at “TCBY” as a special reward at the end of a taxing day in Elementary school.  My mom would reward us with frozen yogurt cones.  She would say “let me help you with that, its dripping.”  Sneaky mom!  Fast forward and there were many preparations for Homecoming and Prom.  The soccer games in Central Florida and surrounding areas bring back so many memories with my parents cheering us on.  There are memories of lunch breaks with my sisters on Park Avenue.  And who can forget the visits to the Farmers Market?  I went on my first “official” date with my husband on Park Avenue at Briar’s Patch.  There were candlelit dinners on the lawn in the actual park across the street from Park Avenue.  My one year old daughter and I stroll Park Ave and window shop.  There are far too many memories to detail in one post.  And quite frankly, I have mommy brain right now, so cannot recall all of the wonderful memories at present.

I am an enthusiast of all things family, baby, music, acting and so much more.  I adore my hometown.  Yet there is so much more to know.  As a singer, lyricist and actor; I’m eager to meet others who share a passion/ dedication for creating art.  Many blog posts ago, I began discussing the mysteries of Nashville, TN.  It dawned on me yesterday that as much as I love Nashville, I equally adore Winter Park.  It lead me to this question; ” What are the mysteries of Central Florida?”   If you or someone you know have something exciting, adventurous, new to share about the culture, atmosphere of Central Florida; please email me or comment.  If you are an artist reach out!


What time is it?


It was 4:44 today when I made the decision to begin writing my blog post.  Of course, I laughed.  If you have read my previous blogs, you will understand why I find the numbers “4:44″ to be so humorous.


It was a week of seeing many signs, leading me in one direction.  What is that direction you may wonder? Destiny.  I wrote in earlier blog posts that signs are there, but they are often overlooked. Some believe we see a particular sign more, only because we are looking for it.  Personally, I see signs whether I am looking for it or not.


On Wednesday, I met two individuals who offered me tips on both the music and film industry.  I didn’t ask for tips or help; they offered it.  One of the tips just might be life changing.  Time will tell and I will keep you posted.  Some things I write about on my blog will not be detailed.  There needs to some mystery, until otherwise noted.


Wednesday was full of highs and lows.  I didn’t realize one could experience such emotions all in one day.  The highs were auditioning for a commercial, meeting enthusiasts of music/film and the low was the gut reaction I had when leaving my morning audition.  It was a nagging feeling that I didn’t make the cut for this particular commercial.  Rejection is part of the game, especially as an actor.  A wise woman once told me that you make on average “1 in 20 auditions”.  Nevertheless, it never feels good.  Yet, I am cutting myself some slack, as a new mommy; I am just getting back into the swing of things.  I am a bit rusty but eager to act.


Things are on the up and up!!  I am looking to connect and collaborate with singers, songwriters, actors, directors in Central Florida community.  If you are one, email me.

Cheers, Kimberly






44th Post

The ironic thing is that this is my 44th post.  Well, if you have been tuned in to my previous posts, you would know why I feel this way.  But for those of you, who are new reader; I have been seeing the number “44” for about a year now.  On my 44th post, I want to share something special that happened today.  (Names/ Locations will not be disclosed to protect individuals privacy).

This afternoon I went to visit a friend at her office. While laying down in a comfortable seat, chatting with my friend; I noticed a cross on the ceiling.  As I looked closer, I realized that this cross was not a structure on the air vent; it was created by the air vent.  I have added a photo for viewers to see.  My friend said ” It is a sign for you.” To which, I then responded; I think its a sign for you, since this is your office!”  We looked at each other laughing and in amazement.  It really was a sign for both of us.

What to make of this?  All I can say is that I must be on the right path or doing something right.  I think that’s what the signs are generally saying to me, if they could speak.  Yet, is there a more specific message here?  If you look closer at the photo, you can even see a halo of light.

Discovered on Sept 26, 2012       

Trust the Signs

At the stoplight on the way to my doctor’s appointment yesterday, I noticed a taxi cab parked to my right which screamed “422-2222”.  I had just posted a blog about my fascination with the phenomena of seeing the same number repeatedly, as a potential message, a sign to the future.  My anxiety was amounting because I was about to hear the results of a very important diagnostic test.  Thankfully, my results came back normal and I am healthier than I thought.  When I saw these numbers, once again, it felt like a message to not worry and to carry on with my goals.

And then later last night, I watched a movie with my husband on Netflix.  I chose several movies on Netflix and told him eagerly, to “Just pick one!”.  So he finally chose from my list of romantic comedies, poor guy.  Although we ladies know the truth; Men enjoy romantic comedies just as much as we do, if not more.  The movie was far better than we expected.  During one scene, the leading lady discusses with her suitor (an accomplished author) her three rules.

The Three Rules:

1. Don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with

2. Try not to do something you can’t take back

3. If something is what it is and it’s not something else

I was meant to hear these rules and to see my usual numbers “22” “44” repeat themselves.  And today it was the usual signs.  I saw the numbers 44 and 22 often on the clock.  But today was also different because I saw a symbol appear before me at the most unusual time and place. Read next blog entry to find out.

Trust the Journey

What is it about the number 44?  I have been seeing this number for about a year now.  Forty-Four will appear in all forms to me, whether by clock, t-shirt, lotto number, assigned seating at weddings.  I believe there must be a significance.  This weekend my husband and I were on a family outing in Mt. Dora and began a conversation with a realtor.  Next thing you know, a gentleman smiles at Olivia, our daughter and waves his large plastic cup.  It was not just any large cup; it read the number 44 on it, in large font.  My mouth dropped and I couldn’t help myself.  I yelled out “Number 44!”  My husband looked at me like I was ridiculous and then calmly said to the man “She has this thing with the number 44.”  I relayed this story to my mom who informed me that the number 44 was a racecar driver’s number. Thanks mom! Yes, true but the fact that I am seeing the number Forty-Four repeatedly this past year intrigues me.  Prior to the birth of Olivia; I was seeing the number 911 often.  Funny enough, she was born September of 2011.  I also often see the number 22, and for those smarty pants out there…what is 44 divided by 2?  That’s right 22!

So what does all this mean? I believe these numbers are from my angels, encouraging me along this journey in life.  I also feel they are validating that I am making the necessary changes in my life and trusting in those decisions.  These signs in the form of numbers, are here for a reason. So I became Dr. Google, yet again and began to research the meaning of these numbers.  A lady named Joanne Sacred Scribes discusses the significance of what she terms angel numbers online.  The following are excerpts from her blog.

“Angel Number 44 asks that you pay attention to your intuition and inner-wisdom as your connection with your angels and the angelic realm is very strong at this time.  You are encouraged to continue on your current path as your drive and determination will lead to success and fulfilment.”

“Angel Number 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality.  The repeating Angel Number 22 asks you to see the larger picture, and to work with the details necessary to complete that picture.  Angel Number 22 encourages you to bring things through to fruition on both the spiritual and material planes.”

Does anyone else have this experience? What numbers do you see and how can they guide you in your life right now?

Be Well,


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