I want to hear from the mommapreneur’s out there.  How do you DO it?  What is it like being a mom and an entrepreneur?  What are the highs, lows and the in-between, or what I call the “tweeners” of your experience?

I feel like we can all learn from one another’s experience, so lets keep sharing.

The highs for me today include quality time with my little love bug..which included playing “Snow White” dress up and pretend play.  Also I love when our girl says “Yes, mommy..okay.”  Especially since the word YES, is a rarity at this age. Mostly, I hear her saying” No” or “All by myself.”  Don’t get me wrong, I am all about fostering independence, but a “Yes” every once in a while, is music to my ears.

The “Tweener” moments include the endless clean-up around the house, and my creative mind racing with ideas; while my practical mind is saying ” woah, slow it down. Patience.”  There are more ideas than time to do it, so it seems.

The “Lows” would include getting over a really annoying, ugly virus that pretty much swiped me out this week.  Body is recovering yet still feels weak.  We passed around this bug for two weeks, back and forth.  Thankful our little love bug is healthy!

Grateful for the highs, the lows and the tweeners.  That’s what being a mommapreneur is all about.  For the newbies, welcome to Mommapreneurship.

Live. Love. Create


It’s been too long…

Always uh, missing ya blog, missing blogger-ville..missing ya!

Always uh, missing ya, blog, blog, blogggggg

Until the next blog post, I will be thinking of ya!

Thinking of ya, thinking of ya

Until the next blog post, thinking of ya… la la la la

That is my quirky mindset tonight.  It is a combination of my late night fatigue, combined with “Old MacDonald Had a Farm Song” that repeats in my head.  Yes I have a two-year old, and no I don’t live on a farm. Just in case you were wondering.  But seriously I do miss posting.

I was going through a transition period in my life and had to put things aside for a while.

But I am BACK and excited to share that I should have the demo of our new song posted this weekend, or next week at the latest.  I am so proud of co-writer, friend and teacher Georgia!  She is very talented and it’s been great working together.  I have a few other creative projects cooking, so stay tuned!

Live. Love. Create


It’s Independence Weekend!

These song lyrics are repeating in my head this morning…

“Oh, what a beautiful Mornin’

Oh, what a beautiful day.

I’ve got a beautiful feelin’

Everything’s goin’ my way.”

Yes and for good reason. I have a BIG audition today as news reporter for a feature film.  After many hours committed to learning the lines; feeling the role and using positive psychology; I feel ready to go forward with confidence on my audition.  Acting is not glamorous but it feels glamorous when you are prepared.  There is nothing glamorous about spending countless hours prepping for auditions.  However, the hard work pays off because of the feeling you get.  It is this natural high of accomplishment.  Artists will understand this.

I managed to balance fourth of July festivities with fun, family time at the beach and the memorization of lines.  I’m finding immense joy in the simplicity that life brings, the small moments with my daughter as she feels the sand in her toes.  These moments inspire me to also be mindful of the sand in my toes and to play in the ocean.  It is time spent with family and friends that I am truly grateful for.  I keep hearing that mantra:  “Play hard, work hard!”  What if we changed it to ” Play easy, work easy!”  I like the sound of that because life is really a state of mind.  If we have the mindset that work and play will be fun and a breeze; it is.  Work is what we make of it.

Alright, well I could go on but I have dress rehearsal for my audition today.   I always prepare my clothes in advance and then have a dress rehearsal as if I have already booked the part.  Until next post, have a beautiful Sunday and do something you really enjoy today!  For me its film acting and a long walk with the family.

Live. Love. Create


Open Mic Round 2

This Monday I will be singing for the 2nd time after a long break (post baby).  I’m excited and surprised myself recently when I picked up the guitar again (literally).  I have a love/hate relationship with the guitar.  It dates back to many guitar lessons, in which I didn’t feel I was learning the guitar in the way “I should”; as dictated by teachers.  So I learn differently and needed the teacher’s “style” to adapt.   Several of my music teachers were unwilling to find a method that worked for me, rigidly wanting to stick to their own style.  So after a few attempts to privately train; I decided to teach myself.  So far so good.  I know a few guitar chords and can strum, so this is a start.  Monday night, I will be singing original lyrics and strumming my guitar at a local coffee shop.  It shall be fun!

Lately, I have been very inspired by consistently saying my “thank you’s” about everything in this life.  I’m thankful for every bite of delicious food, the home I live in, the baby and family I have.  Its being as grateful for the small things, small moments as I am for the bigger things and bigger moments.  As I give more gratitude, I feel more positivity and it magnifies in expected and unexpected ways.  That’s the best way I know how to describe the feeling.

Well keep on giving and stay tuned for my new original songs/lyrics to be posted.

Be Well,


Day 50

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, unmotivated Tuesday.  I was just saying to my hubby last night that I tend to be highly motivated, to the point that it sometimes annoys me, how motivated I am.  Sometimes I just want to relax, laugh or have fun without “multi tasking”.  Even when I am relaxing, I usually am still doing something.

So no wonder that today I received what I asked for.  It was a very uneventful, low motivation kind of day.  But we all need those days.  I complained about how unmotivated I was today, but then I realized that I asked for this to happen.

However, this boring kind of day became less boring early evening.  Why?  Because I declared out loud; “I have to get out of this house and into the sunshine.”  The day was overcast but suddenly the sun came out around 5 pm.  My mom, husband, baby and I walked to the park.  It was peaceful with blue skies and a few clouds over head.

We put a blanket out and Olivia cheered with joy as she tried to catch bubbles, which she called “pop pop.”  We thought it might be a good idea to fly a kite.  What were we thinking?  There was minimal amount of wind.  My mom said people walking by probably thought we were crazy since there really was no wind.  We began to laugh.  I decided to run so fast across the choppy, wet grass in order to make the kite fly.  What was I thinking?

You see, new grass was recently added to the area we were in and it had just rained.  I felt so free for a whole thirty seconds and then felt my body flying like a sad kite, who only wanted the wind.  I felt the right side of my body bang the ground and I rolled many times.  I landed on the left side of my body, hitting my head.  For a minute, I felt like I did in soccer practice and games, after being hit by an opponent.  I was out of air and in mild to moderate pain.  I could have cried but my baby girl was not far behind.  I didn’t want to scare her.  Instead I started having a laughing fit and everyone joined in.

That’s all I have for you today.  This unmotivated, boring day turned into an interesting one, thanks to my attempt to “fly a kite”.

Be Well,


Day 47: 100 posts!!!!

Day 46 marked 100 posts!! WOO HOO!

Highlights for today:

* Preparing for commercial audition which will occur on Monday.

* Being a mommy and all the joys that come with this role!

*  My husband and I decided to start co-writing.  Our first co writing session looked like this.

“Okay lets begin our co writing.” To which he replied, ” Okay. I am so tired.”

I then said, “Alright, do you want to just brainstorm ideas?”  He replied “Sure.”

We wrote down three ideas and began rubbing our eyes with sheer exhaustion.

I laughed and said, “Okay that’s a great first session! Time to go to sleep.”

We are definitely parents.



Day 45 Winter Park

Today there will be two separate posts. The first is all about Winter Park. And the second will be my usual updates.

I recently read an article from Mayor Ken Bradley in The Park Press newspaper February 2013 addition.  First let me say I appreciate Mayor Bradley.  You see, months ago, my family and I moved into a condo. We knew there is a train near by but had NO IDEA how loud that train really was at night.  For several weeks, my husband, baby, dogs and I struggled to sleep through the night. I asked neighbors how they survived the evening.  Many said it took months to years to sleep well.  I began to panic.  I was already sleep deprived with a 14 month old baby and two obnoxious dogs. How would I survive another period of sleep deprivation, when I had just recovered from the first one?  This must be how new moms feel after having irish twins.

Anyways, I emailed Mayor Bradley expressing my concerns about the train.  He so kindly responded informing me that efforts are being made but that it will take time.  This was some of his response from email.

“We are working on creating a “quiet zone”.  In theory, the trains won’t have to blow their whistles.  This requires various crossing changes.  The work plan does take several years, but we are working on it.”

Mayor Bradley also was thoughtful in forwarding my email to the city manager.  Thank you Mayor Bradley for your response, patronage and willingness to be an advocate for change.  Now back the article I referred to at start of this blog entry. There is an excellent article about the city of Winter Park.  It talks about the city’s mission and the seven strategies the city commission has adopted to achieve the vision of WP.  Check out this article at

I love Winter Park! If you love WP too, then push like button. Or just follow my blog, wishful thinking!



Day 40

Yes, I know.  My posts lately have been a day (or two) late.  Better late than never.  I have vowed to write a post every day for sixty days.  The post below is for yesterday, Day 40!

What a beautiful Winter Park day~

Forecast: Clear skies, windy and cool

Highlights for today:

* We had a rocking’ family garage sale!  It was fun and the entrepreneur side of myself loved to sell, sell, sell.

I enjoyed time with my family while selling.  And I even bought a few things at our own garage sale. Ha ha

* Spending quality time with family and watching our favorite shows.  I watched “The Secret” on Netflix and this sparked my creativity.  The law of attraction is truly a powerful tool in our lives.

Well that’s all folks. Saturday was uneventful except for the garage sale. Wish I had more to report. But then again, it was a day to relax and recover from a very fast paced week.



Day 38 Valentines Day

(This was my belated post from Valentines Day)

Today is Valentines Day!!!  It was a day filled with gratitude and positive energy.  This Valentines Day, I really felt the love in the air from everyone I spoke with.  This love I speak of, is not just the ordinary observation of the love between couples.  It was the love of “loving oneself”, being happy, feeling content in one’s life.  My husband surprised me a few days earlier with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Here is a picture of the type of flower (which we are still unsure of).

What type of Lily are you?

What type of Lily are you?

Highlights of today:

*Spending quality time with loved ones.

* Going to work because I really enjoy leading groups as an adult grief support counselor.  And today, especially on holidays; I feel immense gratitude after a successful group night.  Why?  Because the ladies in my group (and men) are resilient beyond their doubts, as related to grief and loss.  And I also depart feeling truly blessed to know such women and gentleman.  At the end of the night, I went to our car; held my husband’s hand and gently touched our sleeping baby.  This is what Valentines day is all about.  It is cherishing our loved ones and being grateful for what we have in our lives.  Life is fragile and therefore not to be taken for granted.

*This Valentines day, I enjoyed delicious vegan pudding and vegan cupcake(s) a la ME.  Yes, that is right.  I made VEGAN dessert and enjoyed every bite.  At first when I decided to make the transition from Vegetarian to Vegan; I was dreading the amount of time needed to prepare healthful foods in the kitchen.  Now, I find pleasure in doing so.  It’s all a mindset.  I tell myself to have fun with it and be creative.



Day 36

Today was a very busy day with little one (our daughter Olivia).  Here is a brief synopsis of highlights from Day 36.

Highlights for Today:

* The City of Winter Park approved the first ever night parade to take place in the streets of the Hannibal Square Shopping and Dining District.  We went tonight and enjoyed watching the parade, the bright array of colors.

*  Our daughter was dancing to the performers of the “Capoeira Brazilian Martial-Art”   Very entertaining and highly skilled group! Check them out at

Olivia dancing

Olivia dancing

*  Creative juices are flowing and songs keep coming to me.  I am excited about co-writing this Friday evening.

Be Well,


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