“We simply cannot know joy without embracing vulnerability” by Brene Brown (author)

I adore this quote and the trick is to focus on gratitude and not fear.  I feel immense joy, when my attention is directed towards gratitude.  How about you?  How do you, or can you… show gratitude today and therefore begin feeling more joy in your life.

A short poem, if you will…


Capture me, take me

But do so knowing

That I am grateful

For you


Take me over

And know

That I am feeling


But that is vulnerability

And this feeling is okay

And the more I am real

Showing Gratitude and living this life of love

The more JOY shows up.

I am present

This moment is vulnerability at its finest.

Only thinking in the moment

Being grateful for each step

And it will lead me back to you


Hope, Resiliency and a brief update

Update:  This week I went to an audition for Disney.  It was an audition for print job (internet usage).

Very exciting opportunity!  The audition was literally ten seconds long.  Well, it was “Ten Mississippi’s” if you counted slowly.  This may be surprising to some of you newbie auditioner’s.  But every audition is different.  I walked in and there was a short line that had a high turnover rate.  I asked the gentleman in front of me if I could borrow his phone.  Why? Because we were informed to use our phone in one of the pictures taken of us.  And well, I left my cell in the car.  Thankfully, this kind actor gave me his Iphone.

It was my turn.  I walked up.  Flashed a smile and a hello.  I was asked to smile at camera (picture taken).  Then I was asked to look at camera and lastly, to laugh at camera.  I’m not complaining because it was an easy process.

So I thought I’d start out with an update.  And now I’d like to share my thoughts about “Hope and Resilience” by writing a short poem.


Re-Silence me.

Take me to a land

Of Hope and dreams.

For here I will stay.

Hope is the leader

And resilience the follower.

Without hope,

There is no resilience.

Hope for a better today

And if the better doesn’t come

Remember resilience

You can choose your day

You can choose your way

You can have HOPE again.

Day 58

So I thought of this great quote I wanted to post about Day 58, before Day 58 came along.  The day dragged on and I began dragging along.  Here is the quote below.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Then Day 58,  took my breath away, literally. Why?  Because I am battling a very bad cold.  Cold +asthma= no fun.

So that is all I have to say about Day 58, go away…come back a happier day!


Hammock Heaven

This morning I decided to continue my quest for overall wellness. As a mom of a 16 month old baby girl, going on toddler; I am in need of some serious mommy R & R.  So this morning my kind husband took Liv with him to visit his parents, while I was left with a few hours to recover from a night of wake-ups.  Whenever I get a few hours to myself; I treasure each moment.  It is really difficult to decide how best to use the time.  In the past, any spare time I had, was to work on something, or to clean up.  I rarely just relax.  I am what some would call “type A”, a busy body, a go-getter.  My mind is constantly on creative mode, scheming up new ideas, and setting personal and family goals.  This multi-tasking, creative mind can be exhausting.  Sometimes I just need a break from my own desire to create.

So as I began scheming over what my plan would be for this morning; I kept hearing my inner voice nudging me.  It said ” the plan is no plan.”  I quickly fought back with “There has got to be a plan, or a most effective way to use this time.”  So I began filling out belated holiday greetings.  After thirty minutes passed, I felt anxious to think of how I would spend the next hour.  In my exhaustion, I began sipping the coffee more quickly. I hoped that the coffee would stimulate a creative idea, or awaken me to realize “the plan” for the morning.  But it did not. So I made  few phone calls and peered out the window of our hotel room.

Awhhh…The beauty and serenity of the beach.  I decided in that moment to take a walk on the beach.  My mind suddenly jumped to “What will you do while walking on the beach?”  To which I replied, “Nothing.” Okay, I admit, I did bring my camera and cell phone (but only for emergencies).  The camera was useful in capturing the beauty and mindfulness of the present moment(s).

The best part about the few hours was laying in a hammock, taking in the peaceful sound of birds chirping and hearing the ocean and wind chatter.  I took long deep breaths and almost fell asleep.  There were kids playing joyfully in the background.  After leaving the hammock, I felt great inner peace and again realized the necessity of my continued search for increased health and wellness.  Yoga, guided meditation and even a hammock calm a fast-paced mind.

Hammock Heaven

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