“We simply cannot know joy without embracing vulnerability” by Brene Brown (author)

I adore this quote and the trick is to focus on gratitude and not fear.  I feel immense joy, when my attention is directed towards gratitude.  How about you?  How do you, or can you… show gratitude today and therefore begin feeling more joy in your life.

A short poem, if you will…


Capture me, take me

But do so knowing

That I am grateful

For you


Take me over

And know

That I am feeling


But that is vulnerability

And this feeling is okay

And the more I am real

Showing Gratitude and living this life of love

The more JOY shows up.

I am present

This moment is vulnerability at its finest.

Only thinking in the moment

Being grateful for each step

And it will lead me back to you


Day 22

Day 22, you were good to me.  Here are today’s highlights.

* I managed to clear out two boxes.  Some of the contents were re organized and placed in other boxes, but still, I remain proud.   My goal is two boxes a day until our office space is actually a usable space.  Then I will transform the room into a sanctuary with guitars and music.

* My daughter has a lot of “firsts” these days.  Although they may appear minor to the outsider, they are huge successes to me.  Liv runs to the bathtub each time she hears “Its ducky bath time!” with excitement.  Liv runs to the bottom drawer of her dresser when I say “Lets put on your shoes.” And she picked out shoes that actually match. Quite the fashionista in the making!

But seriously, the sweetest moment was when Olivia began crying while watching her mom trim her own fingernails.  Each time I trimmed a nail, Liv would whimper with empathy, very concerned for her mommy.  I would reassure her but it barely worked.  I could go on and on but I will stop now. =)  Other highlights…

* Liv and I played in the park. It is a lesson for me in being mindful, being in the moment.  As soon as Liv began rolling around in the dirt, leaves and grass; I had a moment of “should I be letting her do this?” But quickly I remembered that kids need to be kids.  So I began rolling around too.  We giggled and I chased her around the park.  People probably thought we were nuts but I didn’t care, because in that moment, I couldn’t be happier.  I am inspired daily by Olivia.  (Oh gosh, sorry, am I talking again about her? Sometimes, I just can’t help myself.)

* Lets see what else? I stopped in the pet store off of Park Avenue in Winter Park.  It is called  “The Doggie Door”.  The staff is super friendly and willing to go above and beyond.  The owner helped me with tips for our dog Jasmin’s misbehavior.  The store offers an array of doggie goods.  Here is the link to store if interested.

* On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my personal time is more limited since Olivia is not in school.  I enjoy spending quality time with Liv on these days.  So with that being said, it is difficult to work on my music, writing etc..  However, as I mentioned in previous blog; I plan to do at least one thing a day to further my goals as an artist, no matter what.

* Today’s music goal was to listen to my music; the songs and lyrics I have already recorded.  It had been awhile and I needed to refresh my memory.  In addition I listened to classical, and various other styles with Olivia.

It was a fun, silly and endearing day!

Day 11

Today is Day 11, my lucky number !!!   What follows is a synopsis of my day.  Our sweet baby girl has been under the weather since Wednesday evening.  So mommy and daddy have been busy taking good care of her.  Today I took Liv to our first appointment with a new pediatrician who is an MD but also skilled in Alternative Medicine.  It is such a relief to find a pediatrician who believes in empowering families through prevention, education and support.

I visited my favorite business for skin care this evening.  It is called The Sanctuary of Winter Park.  The owner/founder is Usha Naran who is also a friend of mine.  She is such a professional, kind and genuine individual.  I admire her as a specialist in skin care and as a person.  She specializes in facials, waxing and make up.  Also there is a wonderful lady there named Maria who is very talented and is also a friend of mine.  Maria provides many services including waxing and pedicure/manicure.   I see Maria for eye brow waxing and always leave happy!  Check out this peaceful Sanctuary that is well-known for skin care in Winter Park.

I could go on and on about my day, but don’t want to bore you today.  First and foremost, today was about taking care of our bambina (spanish for “baby girl”).  We also ran a few errands together.  The process of organizing, decluttering and unpacking is taking longer than anticipated.  Olivia keeps me laughing when life can be so serious.

I am beginning to truly miss lyric writing, acting, singing and dancing.  Mostly I miss singing, and acting.  I have the acting bug again!  So I am hopeful that next week will be the last week of serious organization mode; so I can concentrate on acting/music again.   I sing and write now but not to the extent of my soul’s purpose.  There are many changes being made on a personal and professional note; which are preparing me for this next phase.

Be Well,


Day 9: I want my duckie and cookie too!

My daughter Olivia Daisy carried her cookie with her to take a bath this evening.  Olivia rushed to the tub as soon as she heard daddy twist faucet on.  She then proceeded to climb over the tub fully clothed. I intervened, quickly removing clothing and getting her into her favorite duck for bath time fun.  Once in the duck, she watched the crumbs of her cookie fall into the water.  It was a candid moment.  I urged my husband to grab a camera stating ” Olivia wants her duckie and cookie too!”

Surprisingly, Olivia did not eat her cookie, but merely starred in awe of the crumbs floating away.  Finally, after some prompting; she began eating the cookie while enjoying her bath. I began to wonder the metaphor/meaning of this joyful event.  Perhaps the crumbs floating away, remind us of mindfulness.  It is important to really be present, even while enjoying/eating food.  Liv wanted her cookie and her bath.  Perhaps a metaphor for how all is possible in life.  A broad generalization, maybe, but I am choosing not to analyze.  I think about how I want to be a mom and career woman: the delicate balance between both.  My daughter inspires me more than I could ever have imagined.  If you look closely at picture below you can see our cookie monster.  Cookie in her left hand and crumbs on bottom of duckie bath.


And here is a brief synopsis of the earlier part of my day.  This morning while my daughter was at school; I had a few hours to cook, organize and relax.  Mostly I cooked dinner like a “crazy person”.  I basically stayed hyper focused on the task of cooking.  By doing so, with minimal distraction; I cooked two meals and managed to cook Olivia her favorite oatmeal for tommorow’s breakfast.  Then with the last forty-five minutes; I decided to relax while listening to a guided meditation on YouTube.  It was called the Universal Mind Meditation by Kelly Howell.   There was one quote that really stood out.   As I lay still the soft tone whispered, “I’m not the past, present or the future, I simply am.”  I felt restored, even after just 20 minutes of listening to guided meditation.  I adore Kelly Howell’s work and truly believe in our brain’s potential and power to envision change, and to heal through guided imagery.

Tonight I led a group for adults grieving the death of a loved one.  It was a great group of individuals and I always leave group feeling purposeful and with immense gratitude.  After group, it was all family with laughter and yummy home cooked food.  What more can we ask for?

Be Well,


Days 6-9 Blogger Guilt

Last night I felt blogger guilt.  I was out on a date with my husband and suddenly remembered my blog.  You see, I promised myself I’d write a blog each day.  On Monday night, I planned to write about Sunday and Monday, however; I was unable to access the internet.  And then it was Tuesday evening.

I tend to set very high expectations of myself.  My hope was to write a blog each day, but it was a fast-paced, fun and mommy-tired sort of weekend.  And then one needs to recover from such a whimsical weekend.  So there was Monday.  I spent a good part of Monday cleaning house.  No longer will I continue to set such a high expectation. I think it is more realistic to say I will blog most weekday nights and blog once about each weekend.  So below is a synopsis of the last four days (including today).

The weekend was useful in that I sorted through boxes and continued to organize our new home.  As for family time, we went to Winter Park Farmer’s Market Saturday morning.  For the novice marketeers, it can be intimidating.  There is a large crowd and it is packed.  And it was momentarily scary when one vendor’s food truck began to tilt on its side.  It just so happened that this food truck was a barbeque pit with smoke filling the air.  Everyone froze as the truck tilted further in one direction.  There was a loud gasp of shock and fear.  But within seconds, the food truck was back up and running.

What I love the most, food wise, is a delicious crepe.  They even have gluten-free crepes now.  Yes, I ordered gluten-free with fruit and peanut butter.  Although I am going dairy-free; I figured a minimal amount of skim milk will do no harm.  For health reasons, I have decided to go dairy free.  Apparently there are great benefits to sticking to an all plant protein based “livit”. I prefer to not use the term “diet” rather, to use “livit” as this is a positive change.  The WP market is worth the trip!

Sunday evening, I went to see Mary Poppins musical at Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre.  One word “Dynamic!”  The set was extraordinary.  I guess that is two descriptive words.  The artists were top notch and the choreography impeccable.  It was an inspiring musical to anyone, of any age.  There were many metaphors to a life well lived.  One of my favorite quotes is from Jane & Michael, ” Stretch your mind beyond fantastic, dreams are made of strong elastic.”  I felt inspired to continue this path of creative risk, adventure, and positive growth.  Thanks to my sisters for gifting me this occasion!!  Check out upcoming shows at the following website:

And the exciting recent news is we have finally installed our brand new oven, into our brand new condo.  The more organized I become, the more ready I feel to confidently stride forward as an actor, singer and writer.  It is a cleansing of mind, body and spirit.

Wishing you a fulfilling week ahead!

Day 5

So this is how day five started out.  It was another beautiful day in Winter Park, Florida.  Look at the blue sky and the colorful flowers off Park Avenue. I noticed Sassafras, a sweet shoppe while walking my daughter to school.  This shop often is full of children eager to pick out their favorite candies.  Also I have seen kids birthday parties being thrown there.  Pretty “sweet”! 
IMG_0513 IMG_0516

It was another productive day. I managed to clear out two boxes in a room full of home items.  We are still in the process of unloading and organizing our new place.  It is fun but arduous, and time-consuming.  I don’t even know the definition of arduous to be honest, but I like the way that sounds.  Today was about running errands and sticking to this week’s plan.  The plan was to de clutter, simplify our lives.  I had a set time frame to do so, while my baby, almost toddler, was at school.

Lets see I went to Whole Foods at one point today and enjoyed an “almost lunch” with my “almost toddler.” That’s right I’m a fool to believe that my daughter can sit still while I eat a delightful sandwich.  Nope!  She ate well and then I quickly packed up my lunch for later.  It’s all good!   Lets see, fast forward and Olivia, our dogs and I went for a brief walk.  The walk was brief because Olivia wanted to jump out of the shopping cart.  You see in order to walk the dogs and have a happy baby with me; we have resorted to using the shopping cart.  Olivia usually loves sitting upfront and looking at surroundings.  Not this time.  She wanted to jump out of cart, at every opportunity.  So the walk was cut short and back to dancing around the house. There is never a dull moment.  She is growing like the daisy she is.

This evening my husband, baby and I went to a new restaurant.  Check it out if you can.  “Tako Cheena” is the name of this eclectic asian fused with latin cuisine.  At first I was skeptical; how could chinese food mixed with latin food be good? But they have found a unique blend.  The food was delicious and several options for vegetarians and vegans.  There was one delicious sauce that combined garlic, chives and ginger.  I will definitely be returning.  The night had the best ending.  My daughter played with her toys in her bath duckie. Meanwhile, she showed me how to blow bubbles underwater (and of course with mommy supervision).  And after the bath, and some resistance to sleep; Olivia was snuggled up in my arms ready for bed.  What more can I ask for?



Day 3

What a beautiful day in Winter Park it is, minus the overcast skies.  Here is a picture of Park Avenue this morning.

Park Avenue

This week is all about organization. So after walking my daughter to school this morning, I began reviewing my “to-do” list.  Where to begin, I wondered.  I looked around at our condo, which has been seriously “babyfide”.  This is my new word for “the baby has taken over.”  Its all good though, because it reminds me of just how much fun she is having.  After vacuuming, sweeping, organizing and de-cluttering; it was like a new condo.  Then I realized the tedious, boring nature of cleaning up, so I put on my favorite songs from lists saved on iTunes.  Music rejuvenated me and I continued to organize.  Two quotes popped out at me from paperwork I was sorting through.  These were quotes I wrote down from awhile back.  I thought I’d share them with you today.

Quote 1:

“To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand.” Jose Ortega and Gasset

Quote 2:

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

Quote 3:

“If anything can go well, it will.” Unknown author

Wishing you a beautiful day! Listen to your heart, and trust in your own connection to you.

Be Well, Kimberly


It has been several weeks of packing, moving and unpacking, reloading…you get the picture. We just moved from a home to a condo.  Some would say we are nuts.  Others have said we are smart.  I say we are happy.  The packing and unloading part is a big pain; however, it is also cleansing.  I write this post today about simplicity.  It is euphoric to de-clutter our new living space.  So I thought I’d google the word “Simplicity”.  The definition online reads “the state or quality of being simple.  Something which is easy to understand or explain is simple, in contrast to something complicated.”  A life of simplicity would be less complicated.

Thus, I have begun asking myself questions about how I may simplify this life.  The questions include, “Do I really need belts of all kinds? Do I really need another pair of jeans? Do I really want to store shirts I may end up wearing one day?”  “Is it important to keep different kitchen appliances, in the event that I may throw a party?”  “Do I really need to say yes again to another invite?”   The answer to all of these questions is “NO!”

But when I reflected upon these questions further; I realize that I am materialistic to some degree.  And what is wrong with having nice things?  Nothing.  But it is the quality not the quantity that matters.  And do I really need to say yes to every invitation, event, idea etc.  The answer again is “NO!”  A simple life is not just about de-cluttering materials.  It is also about wellness and “de cluttering one’s emotions.”   It is time to clear the energy in my life to only positive and to get rid of stuff that is not needed.  So I created several piles.  Each pile has a specific destination which includes “Donations”, “Re Sell” and “Store.”  Also I gave a few select items to individuals that came to mind.

It feels like a weight is lifting from my shoulders.  There is increased happiness, good energy and freedom.  The clearing of things from my life will only open up doors on my quest to shift into a new career and for inner peace.

Be Well,



There is something euphoric about being in the presence of the Ocean.  The waves capture my spirit and the smell of salt brings back childhood memories.  The giggles of my 14 month old daughter bring great joy!  Her giggles resonates with the wind of the sea.  It is the most beautiful sound of joy and peace I have ever known.  Can you guess what I did this weekend?  Yes, that is right.  I spent quality, family time at the beach with our wide-eyed, curious baby girl.  It was her first experience stepping in the sand, experiencing the roaring sound of the wind hitting the crashing waves.  Our daughter studied the sand that quickly consumed her tiny toes.  At first she reached for her feet, wiping the sand from her toes and then began wiping her hands.  Then she noticed the ocean and began walking towards it.

Olivia had more interest in the ocean than the sand.  I began to wonder why she is a Virgo and not an Aquarius like her mother.  Aquarius is a lover of water.  I guess a part of her is really Aquarian.  Olivia lit up like Christmas, times a hundred, as she stepped into the brisk water.  The cool water was bordering on “cold” water.  It was a cool, windy day last Saturday.  As a mommy, I was concerned and did not want to keep her in the ocean for long.  I held Olivia’s hand and walked her through the waves.  Liv wanted to run through the waves, falling down and giggling each time a tiny wave would pass her.  I grabbed Olivia saying “Wasn’t that fun, its time for bye-bye”.  Each time I tried to grab Olivia she kicked and hollered for the ocean, again her tiny voice singing in the wind.  I allowed her to jump a few waves and then bundled her in a warm towel.

Her daddy and I tried to distract her with sand again.  It worked momentarily until she saw the ocean.  But because of the cool weather, we decided to form a mound of sand around her feet.  This intrigued Olivia and she began to use a small sand utensil to dig herself out.  We were relieved that she had some interest in the sand, a saving grace, to keep her from the water.  It was awe-inspiring to see our child with pure joy and innocence enjoying the beauty of the ocean and beach.  Truly, it is like relieving our youth. We spent so much time playing at the beach.  Also, it reminded me to be mindful by savoring the small, but most meaningful moments in life.

Thanks for reading.  I am wishing you  to have joy in your heart and love for the small moments, that bring endless satisfaction.

With Gratitude,


Imagine the possibilities! Bring them to you!

It dawned on me the other day that I am now being more mindful.  I’d often say “When this happens…then I will be able to…”  How often do you find yourself saying the same thing?  One day when I find _____ then I will find success.  As if success follows us.  Really it is the opposite way around.  We need to bring success to us.  There is unlimited potential in all of us.  The reason we feel stuck or blocked is because of messages we hear which do not serve us well.  It is our job to change the way we perceive these messages and/or to filter out the ones that do not support our truth.

If your dream seems distant, why is that?  What can you do to bring your dream/vision to YOU?  If you are an artist who loves to paint but feel there is no place for your work.  Or a mother who wants desperately to pursue a career from a hobby.  What is holding you back?  Sometimes it takes looking at the big picture and then breaking down the larger goal, into clear concrete ones.  And maybe instead of looking, you need to surrender.

I have learned that surrendering, rather than trying to control the path of life is key.  To surrender is to give over or resign (oneself) to something, as to an emotion.  For example, someone who is grieving loss of a loved one; surrenders oneself to grief process.  So what if you surrendered yourself to faith and belief.  If we push too hard, it leaves little room for reflection and play.  Personally, I have found that when I surrender; the answers come more naturally.  I also feel it takes faith in yourself and in something greater than yourself.  But most importantly there needs to be conviction that no matter what people think about you, or what beliefs you have absorbed from others as your own; the fact remains that this dream is your love, your passion, your life.  No one can take that from you!

There is a quote from the book “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne ” As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your great delight and benefit.” (Wingate Paine, Author and Photographer)

Love is at the heart of it all.  If there is an opportunity somewhere, and it feels right; you can find a way to make it work!  If it does not feel right, do not!  Trust in the gut!  And thus, I will leave you with another quote.  Can you tell I am a fan of inspirational quotations?

“Live today.  Not yesterday.  Not tomorrow.  Just today.  Inhabit your moments.  Don’t rent them out to tomorrow.”

Jerry Spinelli, Children’s Author

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