Go Momma!

I am embarking on a new journey in blogger land.  The title of my next blog website will be released mid-December.  The only catch is I am still trying to figure out how to create this blog without a technical guru of some sort.  But it must be done.  It will be done. I keep reminding myself, you can do this!  It can’t be that difficult. So far, step by step using my brain, we are getting somewhere.  I am not sure where, but I will figure this out.

I appreciate the 600 something followers of my current blog and invite you to come along with me on the next phase of this adventure called life.  I will continue to learn about you and perhaps we can collaborate, share, and support bloggers out there together.

I am thrilled to announce mommapreneurship.com.  This is starting out as a way for me to express myself as a mother and creative entrepreneur.  My hope is for this blog to reach mothers who are thinking about entrepreneurship or who are “fully” entrepreneurs themselves.  As a mom, I will be asking questions like, “How can we have it all?”  “How will I balance both roles of being an entrepreneur and a mother?”



You know you are a mom when…

As a busy mother, you find several detergent thingamajigs in a ziplock bag in your “almost” every day purse.  Yes, I ran out.  I got them from my mother because it was late tonight; my child and I would rather spend time together than stake out detergent at Publix.  I figure, hey, why not add this on tommorow’s long “To Do” List.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I have four ziplock bags tucked away in my black, handy dandy purse.  But sometimes I wish I didn’t have four bags of random items…leading me to questions like, “Where are my car keys?” and “Did I take my vitamins today?”  Awww.. The life and times of being a working mommy. 

Yet I am grateful for the chaos, the disorganization because it’s just that…chaos, disorganization. The moments will pass, but I don’t want to pass up on the moments I have, the small moments yet important ones with our girl…I will take what I can get and give it my all with her. 

Live. Love. Create.


I want to hear from the mommapreneur’s out there.  How do you DO it?  What is it like being a mom and an entrepreneur?  What are the highs, lows and the in-between, or what I call the “tweeners” of your experience?

I feel like we can all learn from one another’s experience, so lets keep sharing.

The highs for me today include quality time with my little love bug..which included playing “Snow White” dress up and pretend play.  Also I love when our girl says “Yes, mommy..okay.”  Especially since the word YES, is a rarity at this age. Mostly, I hear her saying” No” or “All by myself.”  Don’t get me wrong, I am all about fostering independence, but a “Yes” every once in a while, is music to my ears.

The “Tweener” moments include the endless clean-up around the house, and my creative mind racing with ideas; while my practical mind is saying ” woah, slow it down. Patience.”  There are more ideas than time to do it, so it seems.

The “Lows” would include getting over a really annoying, ugly virus that pretty much swiped me out this week.  Body is recovering yet still feels weak.  We passed around this bug for two weeks, back and forth.  Thankful our little love bug is healthy!

Grateful for the highs, the lows and the tweeners.  That’s what being a mommapreneur is all about.  For the newbies, welcome to Mommapreneurship.

Live. Love. Create



I’m feeling sleep deprived, yes.  I feel like I need coffee but I know if I drink it, the sleep deprivation will only be masked. And then suddenly it will all hit me this afternoon.  But I persist, despite the mommy fatigue.  This journey is a wild, unpredictable, bumpy, exciting, infuriating, joyful, exhausting and peaceful experience.  I am a “Momma-preneur”.  I have always wanted two things: To be a Mommy and to be an Entrepreneur of creativity.   It’s not easy and our family and sweet baby girl will always be number one.  But I push forward.

I have been a “fighter” since childhood when I realized that I had a choice.  I could continue to spell my letters backwards and sink into grade failure and social isolation OR I could thrive and learn a new way of existing in an academic environment.  It took a lot of hard work but I adapted to my environment from early education all the way up to college.  Yet this journey was everything I described in being a “Momma-preneur”: wild, unpredictable, bumpy, exciting, infuriating, joyful, exhausting and peaceful.  And without family support, friends and an innate will to thrive; I know I wouldn’t be where I am now in life.

And so, I often asking myself, what more can I do to “refuel” and take care of myself so that I can be this Momma-preneur to the best of my ability.  That is my focus this week.  How can I find small moments, for meditation and total relaxation…I have been attending leadership meetings at UCF with amazing, strong, independent women.  A common theme I have heard is that it is not “balance” one needs, it is “harmony.”  And therefore, I continue to strive for harmony. A thought I would like to leave you with today is , ” If anything can go well, it will.”  (one of my favorite quotes)

In Harmony,



Day 42 President’s Day

Happy President’s Day!  Today started off on the sluggish side. Why? Because I was recovering from a long weekend of fun and productivity.

Highlights for today:

* I continued the process of co-writing song with a new friend.  It is a song we are both enthusiastic about.  The song is looking better and better each time we co-write.  (We will reveal song when finalized)

* My family and I enjoyed an afternoon relaxing in Central Park and lunch at the Power House Cafe in downtown Winter Park.  I usually get the hummus and tabouli wrap but this time, I craved the falafel sandwich.  It may sound odd, but I need ketchup with it.  Power House Cafe has something for everyone.  The smoothies are to die for.  They are blended with natural, healthy ingredients without added sugar.  I tried the chocolate Almond Smoothie. Yummy!  Check out the menu at http://www.powerhousecafe.com/ .   We even ran into previous neighbors.  Olivia was over joyed about seeing her first crush.  They hugged for what seemed to be five minutes, played ball and said “zoom zoom” to toy trucks.

* Right before bed, I do the usual routine.  I pick up my daughter’s toys off the living room floor, placing them in the appropriate place.  Usually I do this, halfway asleep, ready for bed.  But this night was different.  Yes I was still sleepy however, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with love, joy and gratitude for doing this simple act.  In that moment, I felt so proud to be a mom to Olivia Daisy.  I thought “This is the joy of being a mom.”  It’s not exciting to pick up toys.  But these toys are the ones my daughter loves and plays with.  She is learning and growing daily.  In that moment I felt so lucky and proud of her and this role as mom.

Be Well,

Kimberly Beaman

Day 37 Valentines Day Eve

I love Valentines Day!  I wish I could spend all week making cupcakes, telling people how much I love them etc.  I wish I could spend an exuberant amount of time decorating, planning parties related to V-day.  But let’s be honest, I am a working mom and I I just don’t have that kind of time.

So I guess I will be celebrating Valentines day all year by doing simple acts of kindness for others, loving my family every day and cherishing life’s little pleasures.

Highlights for today:

* Being fully aware that I made the right choice.  Fear can block us (even subconsciously) from making the best decision.  I chose to completely surrender to any fear of the unknown while moving forward with my creative pursuits.  It feels really good to surrender my frustration, fears and anxiousness.  And instead I continue to be optimistic that I made the right choice.  And all good things come to those who “wait”.  But instead of the word “wait”; I choose to say “All good things come to those who believe, persevere and trust.”

* I made Vegan cupcakes that actually taste great! (at least to me!) Except that they fell apart while removing them from the pan. Bummer! Instead of lamenting over my cupcakes; I decided to make the best of it.  I put several cupcakes together to make small hearts.  That worked and as for the crumbles, they will be good in pudding, ice cream etc…

* Just feeling grateful overall.  I had a great time with my cousin today and playing with Olivia (my daughter).  Grateful for the small moments which feel like anything but small.

And lastly, I wanted to share some new lyrics with you.  These lyrics came to me while singing with my daughter in living room last night.

Here is the latest lyrics of a new song idea, dedicated to my daughter Olivia Daisy.

My Everyday (Copyrights 2013)


You’re my sun on a Monday

You’re my rain on a Tuesday

You’re my clouds on a Wednesday

And my wind on a Thursday

Even Friday through Sunday

As long as we are still playing together

It doesn’t matter the weather


Because you’re my everyday

You’re my every day

I wouldn’t have it any other way

Let’s roll around in the dirt

And throw the leaves in the waterfall

Because it doesn’t matter what we do

As long as I have you

As long as I have you

(Repeat Chorus)

Day 36

Today was a very busy day with little one (our daughter Olivia).  Here is a brief synopsis of highlights from Day 36.

Highlights for Today:

* The City of Winter Park approved the first ever night parade to take place in the streets of the Hannibal Square Shopping and Dining District.  We went tonight and enjoyed watching the parade, the bright array of colors.


*  Our daughter was dancing to the performers of the “Capoeira Brazilian Martial-Art”   Very entertaining and highly skilled group! Check them out at http://www.brazilartcenter.com

Olivia dancing

Olivia dancing

*  Creative juices are flowing and songs keep coming to me.  I am excited about co-writing this Friday evening.

Be Well,


Day 32-34

I have decided to write 60 posts (daily posts, well for the most part) about my personal journey on evolving as an artist (singer, actor, writer).  Just thought to catch you up, in case you haven’t read the first 31 posts. (=

Here are a few highlights from days 32-24

Day 32  Friday

* Enjoyed time with a friend who also shares a passion for songwriting and singing.  It was a wonderful dinner with yummy vegan food (Thanks Georgia!).  We will be continuing to meet up and co write songs together.  I cannot wait to collaborate! Stay tuned for songs!

* I recovered from a long Wednesday and Thursday in which I worked (leading groups for grief and loss), went on an audition to Tampa, and functioned as a full-time mommy to our sweet Olivia Daisy.

* I didn’t blog on Friday, felt some blogger guilt but quickly got over it.

Day 33 Saturday

* More resting but mostly just enjoyed the day with family.  (Movie watching, WP Farmer’s Market etc)

Day 34 Sunday

* Went to the Valentine Concert in Central Park (Winter Park, Florida) featuring Michael Andrew & Swingerhead.  Enjoyed this event with family and new friends.


That is all I care to share tonight.  I am yawning and ready to go to sleep.  I know it is only 9:30, you may say.  My response would be “Welcome to mommy hood!  I prefer to preserve my sanity.”   And by “Sanity”, I mean the following equation:

Rest= Sanity= Happiness= A good mommy, a good friend, a good partner, a happy person.



Day 29

Day 29, I woke up and told myself you’d be good to me, and you were. So thanks for that.

Highlights for today:

* I actually focused on cooking several meals and prepping snacks for the entire week.  It was the first time in a long time, that I could sustain great focus in the kitchen.  I cooked up a storm and it looked like one too.  You see I don’t really enjoy cooking.  I just try to convince myself that I do.  Sometimes it works.

( lasagna, peeled fruit, cut up sandwiches, and stir fried veggies).

* Another beautiful Winter Park day today! I enjoyed quality time with my niece and nephew.  Olivia loves playing with her cousins. They got to play (duck, duck, goose), a childhood favorite for me.  I think I had the most fun!

* Many thanks to Mom for putting together Olivia’s kitchen set. I think we have a chef on our hands (Mom, you are already one.  I was talking about Olivia.)

* I intended to write more today (lyrics and book writing) but there were unexpected, important phone calls and baby demands.  So I am writing my blog, which was one daily goal.  Right now preparing for Thursday’s commercial audition is much more important (After my baby of course. But she is asleep right now..shhhhhh)

And with that being said, goodnight and sweet dreaming


Day 28

Day 28, I am not sure what to say about you. The day was productive.  Here are the highlights from today.

* I sautéed vegetables with coconut oil, vegetable broth and basil.  This is my favorite stir fry (at least that I make).  I am following a plant-based diet.

* I had time to go grocery shopping.  My husband spent quality time with our daughter Olivia this evening so I could buy essential grocery items for the week.

* I even managed to take an uninterrupted shower (moms know what I mean by this).

* I was able to coordinate my two calendars (I cannot decide between a paper calendar and an online Macbook calendar, so I have both). The only problem is one calendar is usually missing an item from the other calendar.  So today I became more organized and in sync.

* I am auditioning for acting commercials more and more!  Another audition for Disney coming up.  Cross your finger and toes!

* I don’t need to list my daughter as a highlight , because the joy she brings is a given every day!

Be Well,


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