Day 5

So this is how day five started out.  It was another beautiful day in Winter Park, Florida.  Look at the blue sky and the colorful flowers off Park Avenue. I noticed Sassafras, a sweet shoppe while walking my daughter to school.  This shop often is full of children eager to pick out their favorite candies.  Also I have seen kids birthday parties being thrown there.  Pretty “sweet”! 
IMG_0513 IMG_0516

It was another productive day. I managed to clear out two boxes in a room full of home items.  We are still in the process of unloading and organizing our new place.  It is fun but arduous, and time-consuming.  I don’t even know the definition of arduous to be honest, but I like the way that sounds.  Today was about running errands and sticking to this week’s plan.  The plan was to de clutter, simplify our lives.  I had a set time frame to do so, while my baby, almost toddler, was at school.

Lets see I went to Whole Foods at one point today and enjoyed an “almost lunch” with my “almost toddler.” That’s right I’m a fool to believe that my daughter can sit still while I eat a delightful sandwich.  Nope!  She ate well and then I quickly packed up my lunch for later.  It’s all good!   Lets see, fast forward and Olivia, our dogs and I went for a brief walk.  The walk was brief because Olivia wanted to jump out of the shopping cart.  You see in order to walk the dogs and have a happy baby with me; we have resorted to using the shopping cart.  Olivia usually loves sitting upfront and looking at surroundings.  Not this time.  She wanted to jump out of cart, at every opportunity.  So the walk was cut short and back to dancing around the house. There is never a dull moment.  She is growing like the daisy she is.

This evening my husband, baby and I went to a new restaurant.  Check it out if you can.  “Tako Cheena” is the name of this eclectic asian fused with latin cuisine.  At first I was skeptical; how could chinese food mixed with latin food be good? But they have found a unique blend.  The food was delicious and several options for vegetarians and vegans.  There was one delicious sauce that combined garlic, chives and ginger.  I will definitely be returning.  The night had the best ending.  My daughter played with her toys in her bath duckie. Meanwhile, she showed me how to blow bubbles underwater (and of course with mommy supervision).  And after the bath, and some resistance to sleep; Olivia was snuggled up in my arms ready for bed.  What more can I ask for?



Day 4

It is time for bed and I am staying loyal to my promise of writing a blog each day for sixty days.  So my blogs will vary in content and please excuse a blog every now and then, which may not be fulfilling.  Today is one such blog.  Thursdays are my busiest days because I schedule most appointments, run errands and work as full-time mommy.  And on Thursday evenings I lead support groups for grieving adults.  Today was productive, and I truly enjoy running groups about grief and loss.  After leaving group, I feel truly blessed and fortunate to support and empower others, while also learning a great deal from families.  It is a very rewarding job.

That is the part of my day I truly enjoyed.  The part I did not was the hour and half wait at doctor’s appointment today.  The longest I have ever waited for a doctor’s appointment was two hours and 15 minutes.  This was close.  But I was very grateful to my Aunt who watched my daughter while I attended the appointment.  She was understanding when I speed texted “I may be late, doctor is late. Is that okay?”  To which my Aunt responded, “Take your time. Even go shopping if you want to.”  I then sighed and texted, “I wish, but I am here waiting.” Today was a test in patience.

At the end of the day, I am thankful for another day with purpose, love and support.  I am grateful for this blog.  And I am excited about the journey ahead, a leap of faith.  Day 4 is pretty darn good!  And to that sentiment, good night, as I am one very tired mommy at the end of an “on the go” day.

Be Well,



My husband and I decided to have a “staycation” this year and just relax at home. It was quite enjoyable until we realized that the household tasks consumed  our energy for more hours than expected.  So on Thursday we decided to go on a mini weekend vacation. We left Friday and are currently staying at the Tradewinds Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida. We are very grateful to be here.  I feel immediately at ease next to mother earth’s vast ocean, cool breeze and sandy shore.

This trip was decidedly about relaxation and family.  My husband’s family (well, most of them) live in this amazing city.  We had a belated and much-anticipated gathering.  We enjoy quality time with the Rios family.  Meanwhile, we dined at Japanese and Thai restaurants.  Last night we went to this great Japanese restaurant across the street for which I cannot recall name of right now.  I ordered Vegetable Tempura and we had egg/ veggie rice for Olivia (our 16 month old daughter).

Okay so here is how the night unfolded.  It began with giggles and I took out all the tricks.  My mom reminded me to bring Olivia’s toys in order to preoccupy her at meal time.  So I brought a few items.  The items captured her attention for under five minutes. Pretty soon, Liv was twisting around in her high chair, joyfully looking for the passerby.  She is oblivious to “stranger danger.”  Liv is highly social and began screaming “ME, ME, ME, ME….” and “MA MA MA MA” to everything (especially to every food dish) in view.  Art and I gave each other the all-knowing glance of “Hey, should we get out of here?”  But we continued to pull out the tricks.  Art grabbed napkins and played peek a boo.  I resorted to a pair of chopsticks, clanking them against the table.  Again that lasted five minutes, if that.  Liv began tossing her rice everywhere, as I tried feverishly to clean up after her.  One lady gave me a disapproving look, which I just brushed off.  Suddenly my husband whispered with urgency, “Here honey, take her.” To that sentiment, I said “Why?”  He said with a half laugh and half frown ” I have a wet spot on my pants.” I grabbed our sweet baby girl across the table.  Sure enough, she had a poo diaper.  I rushed her off towards the restroom.  On my way, I managed to ask a staff member “Do you have a changing table?” She said yes with confidence.  As I entered the restroom I looked for a table.  There stood a narrow wooden table with a flower vase.  It wobbled but was good enough.  When you are a parent, you become resourceful.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Liv does not like her diaper changed. It takes great planning and deliberate distraction to keep her still enough.  After changing Olivia, I peered down and sure enough, there was a circle of god knows what on my pants as well.  I began laughing uncontrollably.  My way of coping. I figured it was better than losing it and sobbing.  I laughed all the way back to the table and yelled “MISTLETOE!”  It is Art and I’s cue word, for let’s get the **** out of here.  On the way out of restaurant, I declared to Art ” I am never going out to dinner again as the three of us. We are hiring a babysitter!”   That didn’t last.  Lets just say tonight’s dinner went better.  It was all the same antics except we were more prepared.

What did we learn?  You can never bring enough toys for distraction.  Always face baby towards the crowd, the staff, anyone she can watch while eating.  Most importantly it was a lesson in acceptance.  It is easier to accept a situation and laugh then to not accept it and feel defeated.

Give, Give, Give

Sometimes all it takes is a stranger saying a compliment or taking the time to care.  My thought for today is go out tomorrow and do something for someone else.  It can be as simple as a thank you card in the mail, just because.  Or as grand as taking over someone’s responsibilities for a day.  Whatever your choice, be sure to do so with love.  Today was one of those really busy days as I am balancing two jobs being a mommy to a 13 month old and working as a counselor.  Of course throw in all the other responsibilities and titles and it can feel like I have ten jobs.  I love it all even when I am so exhausted that I struggle to recall what day/time of the week it is.  Yikes!  And each day is different and filled with surprise.  At least my days are not boring!

So as I was saying…the day began in a frenzied mode prepping baby food, juggling work load and attending appointments.  In the back of our SUV, I had a laundry basket full of books to donate.  Originally my thought was to sell them.  However, I wanted to do a good deed today.  So between my afternoon appointment and scheduled work commitment; I went over to our local book store and donated about 15 books.  As I was getting out of the car, I asked a passerby if she wanted first dibs.  Ironically she was looking for travel theme books.  So she gladly took the two travel theme books from my basket.  It felt good to see this stranger smile.  I could go on and on but I won’t.

Long story, short, the librarian was also happy.  While at this store, I ran into an elderly woman named “Wanita”.  I chose to walk up to her and re introduce myself.  You see, I ran into her months ago at Michael’s Craft Store with my daughter in tow.  Wanita is a very kind, genuine lady who divulged her life story involving Norfolk, Virgina to me, upon our initial meeting at Michael’s.  Wanita appeared to not recognize me or our prior conversation.  But Wanita jumped right in updating me on her two grown children.  I told her that I valued the love story she had shared with me once before.  This story was about how she and her husband met.  Wanita smiled and began sharing the story again. I felt that she enjoyed talking and wanted to continue, so I invited her to the lobby.  Plus the library is for being quiet and she was anything but quiet.  We spent some time together and later, as I was checking out books; I helped her find a book on knitting.

That was the best trip I have ever had to the library!  Please do something for someone else tomorrow, and the next day and the day after.  Make a difference in someone else’s day.  It is positive energy to spread around!  Also, you leave feeling like you gained more than the person you gave to.  This sweet lady gave me so much joy!

In Gratitude,




The Secret the Power

I am reading a book called “The Secret the Power” by Rhonda Byrne.  This is not just a book, it is so much more.  It may feel like a book, look like a book, read like a book; but its impact is far greater than a tangible, physical thing.  There is a quote by Albert Einstein ” The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”  Basically time is an illusion according to Einstein.  We often race through our day to-day, feeling a need to fight against a limited amount of time.  You may hear yourself say ” I have to hurry and do the dishes” or ” I’m getting older, so better rush and follow my life’s purpose.”  But the truth is if you see the world as illusion, then we escape suffering.  And creativity has no limit, no time, no end.  One of the coolest things I read was about the sky.  We look up and around us to view a blue haze and blue sky.  Yet, the color you see is in fact not its real color.  The “blue” sky is actually all colors, reflected back at us.  If that doesn’t make you think, what will?  It sure makes me think.

Abraham Lincoln wrote ” To believe the things we can see and touch is no belief at all; but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”  I have faith in my dream that one day it will come into full bloom.  I believe in imagination, creativity and passion.  Have you ever just stopped and watched a child play?  There is nothing like it.  When our daughter Olivia dances in front of the mirror or gives that “all-knowing” glance; I feel immense joy.  She truly is a genuine soul, unscathed by society or negative influence.  She is a reflection of love and radiates with love.  This is what “The Secret the Power” is all about.

Yesterday I was driving along, not looking for signs. However, the night before I called upon my angels and requested for them to show me signs, that I am following the correct path.  As I was driving to Whole Foods, a taxi cab darted out in front of me and showed “422-2222″.  As many of you have read my previous blogs, I have a fascination with numerology and the appearance of numbers in sequence.  I often see the number 4 and 2 repeated.  I saw this same cab a week ago.  This experience validated that I am on the right path.

Yesterday I also came up with an idea.  Ideas come to me like lightning bolts and at lightening speed. I use to brush them off and actually criticize myself for having so many random thoughts.  But now I see it as a gift and I write down all of my concepts.  Oftentimes, I tell myself that who knows, one day, an idea will stick.  Yesterday was that day.  I couldn’t stop thinking about a new vision.  And the universe was showing me signs pushing me to further expand upon this vision.  It all has to do with a special bird known as “Bluebird”.

As a child, my fascination with bluebirds grew in Elementary School.  Oftentimes, I would watch the bluebirds flying around the picnic tables.  One day, one weekend a bluebird nearly hit me in the face, as it sweeped past me with fury.  I was riding my bike as usual in neighborhood, only this time the bluebird almost stopped me in my tracks.  Fast forward to Nashville, TN. and many years later.

Have you ever heard about the famous Bluebird Cafe?  I was drawn to it, not only because of its history with famous singer/songwriters; but because of my fascination with bluebirds.  My husband and I enjoyed an evening at the Bluebird Cafe.  It was quite magical listening to professional singers and eating lasagna (my favorite).   Now, I wear a crystal bluebird around my neck in honor of our unspoken connection.  Yesterday, this vision began to bloom thanks to bluebirds and a strong desire to further my passion for music.  Apparently a bluebird is symbolic for happiness and good fortune according to the internet.  This new vision will remain a mystery to the reader until further transformation.  Thanks for reading and listening.

“Fly Free”!!!  (as my friend M’Liss says to me)


Mystery of Central Florida

I was born and raised in Winter Park, Florida.  It’s funny that most people I run into around Central Florida are not from here.  They look at me bewildered that I am a native.  No matter how many times I have moved away, somehow I end up back at the heart of central Florida, the lovely Winter Park.


Winter Park holds many memories from my younger years to highschool and now to adulthood.  I ate frozen yogurt and cookie sandwiches at “TCBY” as a special reward at the end of a taxing day in Elementary school.  My mom would reward us with frozen yogurt cones.  She would say “let me help you with that, its dripping.”  Sneaky mom!  Fast forward and there were many preparations for Homecoming and Prom.  The soccer games in Central Florida and surrounding areas bring back so many memories with my parents cheering us on.  There are memories of lunch breaks with my sisters on Park Avenue.  And who can forget the visits to the Farmers Market?  I went on my first “official” date with my husband on Park Avenue at Briar’s Patch.  There were candlelit dinners on the lawn in the actual park across the street from Park Avenue.  My one year old daughter and I stroll Park Ave and window shop.  There are far too many memories to detail in one post.  And quite frankly, I have mommy brain right now, so cannot recall all of the wonderful memories at present.

I am an enthusiast of all things family, baby, music, acting and so much more.  I adore my hometown.  Yet there is so much more to know.  As a singer, lyricist and actor; I’m eager to meet others who share a passion/ dedication for creating art.  Many blog posts ago, I began discussing the mysteries of Nashville, TN.  It dawned on me yesterday that as much as I love Nashville, I equally adore Winter Park.  It lead me to this question; ” What are the mysteries of Central Florida?”   If you or someone you know have something exciting, adventurous, new to share about the culture, atmosphere of Central Florida; please email me or comment.  If you are an artist reach out!


What time is it?


It was 4:44 today when I made the decision to begin writing my blog post.  Of course, I laughed.  If you have read my previous blogs, you will understand why I find the numbers “4:44″ to be so humorous.


It was a week of seeing many signs, leading me in one direction.  What is that direction you may wonder? Destiny.  I wrote in earlier blog posts that signs are there, but they are often overlooked. Some believe we see a particular sign more, only because we are looking for it.  Personally, I see signs whether I am looking for it or not.


On Wednesday, I met two individuals who offered me tips on both the music and film industry.  I didn’t ask for tips or help; they offered it.  One of the tips just might be life changing.  Time will tell and I will keep you posted.  Some things I write about on my blog will not be detailed.  There needs to some mystery, until otherwise noted.


Wednesday was full of highs and lows.  I didn’t realize one could experience such emotions all in one day.  The highs were auditioning for a commercial, meeting enthusiasts of music/film and the low was the gut reaction I had when leaving my morning audition.  It was a nagging feeling that I didn’t make the cut for this particular commercial.  Rejection is part of the game, especially as an actor.  A wise woman once told me that you make on average “1 in 20 auditions”.  Nevertheless, it never feels good.  Yet, I am cutting myself some slack, as a new mommy; I am just getting back into the swing of things.  I am a bit rusty but eager to act.


Things are on the up and up!!  I am looking to connect and collaborate with singers, songwriters, actors, directors in Central Florida community.  If you are one, email me.

Cheers, Kimberly






Mysteries of Nashville Take 5

And thus, my search to unveil the mysteries of Nashville continues.  I was rummaging through blog posts to see what I could discover.  A lady named Dana was discussing her excitement about her fast approaching trip to Nashville.  I decided to email Dana and I asked her if she would kindly email back with the details of her trip to Nashville.  Dana responded that her favorite things were seeing “live music up and down Broadway every night” as a highlight of her trip.  Dana said “I couldn’t get enough – such great talent!”  She said that there are places off the beaten path such as the Belle Meade plantation.  Dana said that Loveless Cafe was well worth the drive and wait.  I watched a special on the Loveless Cafe one time.  And as a bonus there is an awesome little country store at the cafe.  Thanks Dana for your feedback!

And then there was Rick, who wrote a blog entry called “Party In Nashville” posted on July 15th, 2012.  Rick said that he has been to over forty states but always likes coming back to Nashville.  A Music Convention Center  is being built in Nashville– WOW!  Rick said there is more live music everyday then any other place he has traveled to.  Thanks for sharing Rick!

This all sounds fantastic but yet I am searching for something more…the information that the average Joe wouldn’t know.  So I continued to look up key words such as “mystery, Nashville” but that only led me to information about a conference held in Nashville for authors regarding thriller books..etc..  Then I typed in the adventures of Nashville and I found the following website;

On this site, there are details about various tours one can take in the city of Nashville.  The typical haunted downtown tours are offered but there is something more!  The Canopy Challenge Ropes Course is the most popular adventurous tour in Nashville.  It’s touted as the amazing fun of climbing, jumping and overcoming the difficulties while trusting in your partners.  Ropes and cables are involved!  Hmmm..interesting.  Another adventurous tour is the Music City duck tour.   An amphibious vehicle will take you to visit the streets and the river of Nashville.  In the water, your kids will have a chance to drive the boat.  The website boasts that the Music City duck tour is a unique opportunity which you can not find in other places.

Okay now we are getting somewhere…let the search continue…

Mysteries of Nashville Take 4

I managed to write this blog post after three hours of sleep.  My darling baby girl was up almost every hour crying.  In retrospect, I should have taken a nap instead of writing a blog post mid morning.  Yet, I felt drawn to writing and could not resist the urge.

In a previous blog post regarding Nashville, I asked myself and readers, “What is a “boutique” restaurant?”  All along I conjured up thoughts of a restaurant that offered designer clothing, trendy jewelry in glass cases and lovely scarves.  I imagined myself dining in Nashville, smelling good ole’ country cooking while gazing at the items for sale.  Well, as it turns out, I found out yesterday from a fellow blogger, Natasha, that “boutique” is simply a fancy word for a non chain restaurant.  It was sort of funny and sad at the same time when I read this email.  In Maitland, Florida my current home town, we are surrounded by small chain restaurants and larger chain restaurants.  I began to wonder, where are the boutique restaurants?  Then I realized we do have a select few.  My favorites in the Central Florida area are White Wolf Cafe,  Dandelion Cafe and Infusion Tea Shop.   It dawned on me that my perception of a “boutique” restaurant  with food and trendy items for sale is a reality.  Infusion tea shop located in College Park, Florida has teas, delicious lunch items and a shop that benefits local artists.  Dandelion is a showstopper, well at least in my bohemian dream it is.  Dandelion offers all vegan and vegetarian food options.  Even the average carnivore enjoys their food.  So in conclusion, I am glad to know that Nashville has a growing trend of  boutique restaurants.

Okay back to the search on mysteries of Nashville.  Today I reviewed a few more blogs looking for clues to unlock the mysteries of what Nashville has to offer.  I came across a blog called “Live What You Love” from Jess.  This unique, hippy loving lady detailed her decision to move back to Nashville.  She ended up accepting a job in her favorite coffee shop “Crema”.  I can tell by reading her blog post that Crema is one of a kind and has quite the reputation.  So the mystery of where to go for the best coffee is probably solved.

Sometime I wonder what it would be like to shop for antiques and possibly one day furnish our home with antiques.  So it was with great enthusiasm that I ran across a blog post which highlights the Antique Mall Shopping experience called “Aubergine Moon”.  It appears to be one of the top antique stores.  Mystery solved there.

And last, but not least I came across a blogger named Jen from her site called “Happily Ever After”  Jen expressed great enthusiasm about a new restaurant which opens up this weekend in Nashville called “Etch”.  Lucky girl got a sneak preview of the gourmet food on August 29th.  A cool tidbit about this restaurant is it serves something called “Semifreddo” (pronounced [semiˈfredːo], Italian: half cold).  It is a class of semi-frozen desserts typically ice-cream cakes, semi-frozen custards, and certain fruit tarts. YUM!


I am beginning to realize, that Nashville has so much to offer.  It is not just a music city.  I can definitely spend a day, a week, a month, a year enjoying semifreddo, sipping a latte from “Crema”, antique shopping and dining at boutique restaurant(s).  One can only dream.

Quote of the day: Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”


Little Cupcake

I decided to take a reprieve from discovering the mysteries of Nashville this week.  Instead I focused today on finalizing a song I have been writing since our daughter was born, almost one year ago September 14th.  But before I share, here is a tidbit about one day in my week.

I dropped off our daughter at school on Monday morning.  She is about 11 and half months old.  Mommy was nervous but felt good about the transition.   Liv will get to make new friends and develop skills.  Also mommy gets some time to work on her career interests.  I felt at ease leaving her at school after observing that Elmo was in the room.  Liv took an immediate liking to Elmo, hugging him.  After taking several photos, I left in awe of her.  She is a little person, growing up quickly!

The rain had been pouring all morning and I successfully made it to my car, purse and buggy in tow.  As I buckled up it dawned on me that I had five whole hours to myself!  I began to wonder, “What will I do with so much time?”  Usually I’d be at work but today I was not called in.  I decided to work on my lyrics and write on my blog.  Ofcourse there are house chores and laundry to be put away.  I told myself that everything else can wait.

As I sat at Starbucks (a very noisy atmosphere for writing), I struggled to come up with the words for my blog post.  The noise level didn’t help and I searched for my ear plugs to no avail.   Then I began to miss her.  Olivia Daisy is my “little cupcake”.  So even on my time off, I am still thinking of her.  She is such an inspiration to me.  She inspired me to write this song called Little Cupcake, which I will be sharing with you.

I left Starbucks and headed home to take out my mini digital recorder.  My creative juices were soaring!  Although I told myself not to do housework.  Guess what?  While creating lyrics to “Little Cupcake” song and recording the melody; I managed to multitask.  I was still mommy.  I actually tried a new recipe for Vegan lasagna (pretty darn good), took care of our two dogs, did two loads of laundry etc…  But the chores didn’t matter to me, the song did.  Liv inspired me to write this song, and in return, I am inspired to be the best mom I can possibly be.  I attached my song (lyrics only).  For several days, I have been trying to upload my vocals, a capella style but for some reason, I am having technical difficulties.  Therefore, the lyrics are here and the vocals are on their way!

Little Cupcake  

Copyrights 2012


You’re my little cupcake

Made of sugar, cinnamon

And everything in between

You’re the sweetest gift that life can bring


Words cannot begin to say what I mean

So I’m gonna try to let you know

By showering you with kisses n hugs

I trust that you can feel my love


You’re my little cupcake

Made of sugar, cinnamon

And everything in between

You’re the sweetest dream that life can bring


With your innocent stare, I know you care

Our eyes recognize each other

Its like long-lost friends, who meet again

I know that you can see my love


I adored you before I knew you

I sang to you before I met you

I felt you before I held you in my arms


You’re my little cupcake made of sugar, cinnamon

And everything in between

You’re the sweetest dream that life can bring

And you make me happy all of our days

I hope you know, that mommy loves you so.

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