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Dear Blogger friends,

It’s been too long in writing…yet again.  Life brings its curve balls and I recently was hit with a few.

But it’s what you do with those curves that matters.  So very excited to announce that I am working on a creative project that I feel women, especially mommies/ babies will truly relate to.  Not sure when it will be done, but instead of worrying about the final date; I’m enjoying the process.

If you get a chance check out  I wrote an article about Herbal Tea and Pregnancy and I’m excited to announce that it’s officially being published online next Wednesday, March 5th on this site.

I want to share a photo of my sassy Olivia Daisy.  She is the inspiration for my new creative project.

Sweet Dreams,


Day 25

This is what I have to say about today.  Today I am the messenger.  This is what I want you to know.

When you see her walk by

Look, really look

Because if you don’t

You will miss her soul

What is in her heart?

What is it that the eye cannot see?

She is more than her skin

More than her words

More than her desires

She is calling out

Are you there?

She is needing you

Do you care?

She is rare

Because no one

Really knows that

She also grieves

So when you see her walk by

Say hello

And tell her you are there

Tell her how much you really care

For what you do not see

Can hurt her more

And no one knows the pain

That is buried inside

So, when you see her walk by

Look, before you miss her

Lisa Maile

In a previous post regarding acting for beginners in Central Florida; I wrote about one of my mentors, and friend Lisa Maile.  This is a follow-up to last post,  because there is so much more to share!  Lisa owned the Lisa Maile Studio for Acting and Modeling until 2004.  She sold the school in 2004 and now works as a success coach & trainer through Lisa Maile Seminars & Coaching.  You can find more info at  

Lisa will be presenting a free Interview workshop at the upcoming Career Expo & Job Fair at the Arena this Fri, Nov 16, at 11:25. So for anyone seeking employment, this is the lecture to attend, plus almost 4,000 jobs will be available!!

The website for info on this free workshop is:

If you’re interested in sharpening your personal marketing skills, Lisa is also hosting an all-day Power Interviewing Boot Camp Saturday, Jan 26 at Mall at Millenia; this is a fundraiser for the non-profit Dress for Success– tickets are $50 til Dec. 31, $75 in Jan, with entire ticket price to DFS.  For more info, contact

Lisa was very kind to provide me with information in regards to her business.  I also asked Lisa a question to support actors who are just beginning the audition process.  I asked Lisa “If you could say one thing to actors, just starting out in the piece of advice..what would it be?”  Lisa’s response is below.

“For actors starting out, it’s critical to be professional & be prepared at auditions!  Arrive early, know your lines & character, dress appropriately, be positive & upbeat, and present yourself like a veteran.  Time is money in any business… & particularly in “the industry”; you show respect for clients, agents & casting directors (and also illustrate you’re strong talent) if you’re consistently early, prepared, positive & deliver an impressive performance… because of your preparation beforehand.  PREPARATION POWERS PERFORMANCE!”

Interested in free interview assistance?  Visit Lisa’s site to view 5 Power Interview videos created with The Orlando Sentinel as a community service:

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